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Lessons from the Battlefield - Support for Loved Ones

We do extensive work with not only supporting wounded veterans but also in understanding the need to help their families so that they are able to spot signs of mental health issues in their loved ones and be in the best place to support them.

Mental health issues don’t only impact on the person going through trauma but on their families too. From our work with wounded veterans, we know the family is a vital part of an individual’s support network and can be a driving force in encouraging them to access professional help. We realise our expertise could help those who need it most right now.

In our PDF which you can download below, we offer tips on how loved ones can look after themselves, how they recognise signs that their loved one is struggling with their mental health and how they can encourage their loved ones to seek help, as well as support them through any treatment.


Changes in behaviour are common among those suffering from issues such as anxiety, low mood or Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. If you’re worried about a loved one’s mental health, there are signs you can look out for.

Watch our video below to learn about the key behavioural changes and get in touch today if support is needed.