When someone we love dies, supporting their favourite cause can be a positive and meaningful way to commemorate them.

Donating, fundraising or creating a tribute fund in honour of your very own hero is a meaningful and lasting way of celebrating their life, while also changing the lives of our wounded heroes forever.

Whether your loved one served in the Armed Forces, came from a military family, or simply believed those who serve our country deserve support when they’re wounded; we are honoured and humbled to help you remember them.   

Your hero’s name and memory will live on in our work and in the hearts of everyone touched by your kindness.

Different ways of giving in memory

Whether you’d like to make a one-off gift or create a lasting tribute, there are lots of ways to support our work in memory of a friend or family member. From donations in lieu of funeral flowers to challenging sporting events, every tribute is special: just like the person it celebrates.

Here are some of the most popular ways our friends choose to celebrate their loved one.

A family’s loving tribute

The Patrick family from Leicestershire support our work in memory of their much-loved son and brother, Jack.

Here Jack’s father, Shaun, explains why they chose to commemorate this remarkable young man through our work.

However you choose to pay tribute, you’ll be supporting the nation’s wounded heroes in their hour of need.

Every pound you donate, collect, or raise in memory of your loved one will make a real difference.

£12 can help organise a virtual meet up and give veterans support, camaraderie and a listening ear.

£22 can pay for a phone call with one of our support workers and provide a lifeline to a veteran who feels alone.

£50 can fund an emergency food basket for a veteran and their family for a week.

£100 can pay for a psychological wellbeing assessment, mental health treatment plan and provide access to psychological therapy.

It can be hard to find something positive to focus on when we’re grieving and in pain, but a gift in memory of your loved one today really will help build a brighter tomorrow for our wounded veterans.