Who we help

At Help for Heroes, we passionately believe that every member of our Armed Forces community should have the opportunity to live well after service.

There are many challenges that can make transitioning from the military to civilian life tough. 

That's why we provide veterans with carefully tailored and holistic support for their physical and mental health, along with their welfare and social needs.

We’re here for anyone who’s served in our military. No matter where or when they served, or how long for. Whether they served in a conflict or not.

When life gets tough for a veteran, it can affect those around them. That's why we also support families.

And we help those who served under UK Command, such as civilians who worked as translators during the war in Afghanistan, and embedded journalists.

How we help

There are several strands to the support we offer.

Physical healthcare support. Our nurses and occupational therapists help ill and injured veterans get the treatment they need. A veteran's injury or illness doesn't need to be related to their time in service.

Mental health counselling. We have a team of mental health professionals who provide support carefully tailored to each veteran or family member who needs them. 

Financial grants. If a veteran has an injury or illness that’s making life difficult, we can provide grants to pay for home modifications, medical devices or access to care. During the cost-of-living crisis, we've helped veterans and their families facing financial challenges, meet the cost of food and energy bills.  

Sport and social activities. We run a wide range of sporting and social activities across the UK so veterans and families can spend time together, have fun and be active. Our sport sessions are inclusive and adaptive for people of all abilities. 

Welfare support. We help veterans and families who are struggling with their finances and living arrangements. This could include helping people work out what benefits they’re entitled to, or helping people apply for the War Pension. 

Recovery College. Our free online courses give people the knowledge and skills to make lasting improvements to key areas of their life. Courses cover topics such as financial well-being, pain management, nutrition, dealing with anger, and how to get a good night's sleep.

Because we know that families find the transition to civilian life tough, we offer widespread welfare, mental health and social support to families too.

We work closely with the UK Government, devolved administrations, local councils, and other military charities to deliver a more effective and efficient support network for our service leavers. 

If you or someone you know served and you think we can help, get in touch today. You’ve got nothing to lose, and everything to gain.

Learn How to Get Help or Give Support

How to get help

If you're a veteran or family member, and you think you need some help, we're here for you. Get in touch and ask for help today.

How to give support

There are many ways you can give your support to veterans and their families. Visit our Give Support pages to find out more.