• The Charity was set up in 2007, when young men and women were returning from the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan with horrific injuries. After surviving these injuries, the care and support waiting for them wasn't good enough. So, Bryn Parry CBE, Emma Parry OBE, and a small group of people set up the Charity to give veterans and their families the support they need and deserve. From the start, the British public have been incredibly generous. So far, we have changed the lives of more than 32,000 people*.  

      *As of May 2024.

      • We help anyone who has served in the British Armed Forces. No matter where or when they served, or how long for. We support people who served in the Regular and Reserve branches of the military.  

        When a veteran is finding life tough, it affects those around them. That’s why we support families and loved ones too.   

        We also support people who have worked alongside the British Armed Forces. For example, since 2016 we have been helping people from Afghanistan who worked as translators with the UK military. We support their families too. 

      • On average, four people are medically discharged every day from the UK Armed Forces*. And veterans who were not medically discharged also come to us with injuries, illnesses and poor mental health.  

        Military service can take a heavy toll on people’s mental health. For some the effects surface months, years or even decades afterwards.  

        Life after the Armed Forces can be tough. Especially if a military career has been cut short unexpectedly. Overnight, people lose not only their job, but a way of life and a support network that was like a family.  

        When people leave the Armed Forces, they might not have the experience or skills needed for the civilian world. People can struggle to find a job or somewhere to live, cook, manage money, apply for benefits, or get the healthcare support they need.  

        Isolation and loneliness are big problems in the veteran community.  

        Our services can tackle all these challenges faced by veterans. We also hold governments to account through our campaigning work. And we raise public awareness about the ways veterans are let down by their country.  

        In the summer of 2022, we surveyed veterans and serving personnel with self-declared long-term health conditions, and their families**. The responses of 810 veterans revealed that 85 per cent struggle with their mental health every day, 82 per cent are worried about the cost of living, and 82 per cent have experienced feelings of loneliness.

        *Source: Ministry of Defence, July 2023.

        ** Help for Heroes Veterans and Families Survey 2022. 

      • Since 2007, thanks to the support of our partners, donors, fundraisers and volunteers, we’ve transformed the lives of more than 32,000 individuals*. 

        Between 1 October 2022 and 30 September 2023, we supported 3,940 veterans and family members**.  
        *As of May 2024.

        **Source: Help for Heroes Annual Report 2022/23. 

      • Our mission is to help all individuals in the Armed Forces community to live well after military service.  

        Our teams help people in a range of ways including with their physical and mental health, wellbeing and with welfare issues. We help people on their healthcare journeys. Our team of nurses, occupational therapists and medical advisors help people get the right information, treatment, and support to improve their physical health.  

        We have a mental health service for veterans and families, called the Hidden Wounds team. This gives people access to one-to-one therapy sessions. 

        Our Recovery College provides free courses and self-help guides to give people life skills and knowledge to help them live independently and to be happy and healthy. 

        We provide grant funding to pay for items and support if people are finding life difficult due to an injury, illness or poor mental health. For example, we can help pay for adaptations to people’s homes to help them get into and around their property, and to live comfortably. We can help with the costs of medical devices, such as a leg brace or wheelchair. 

        If someone has complex or multiple needs, we can assign them a case manager to co-ordinate their support. They will work with the individual to draw up a recovery plan specific for them, and make sure it is meeting all their needs. Case managers can help people with a wide range of issues, such as housing, dealing with debt, or applying for benefits or a War Pension. 

        Our free sport and social events tackle loneliness and isolation among the veteran community and enhance individuals' wellbeing.  

        We work with people in their homes and communities across the UK, as well as through video and telephone calls. 

        Please visit our Get Help pages for more information. 

      • Yes, and there is continued high demand for our support. 

        In 2022/23, our bespoke mental health service for veterans and their families, the Hidden Wounds team, supported 1,373 people*.  

        The team offers treatment, including cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) and counselling, to support people with a range of mental health difficulties such as anxiety, depression, trauma, grief and anger. 
        *Source: Help for Heroes Annual Report 2022/23. 

      • Yes, we can provide grant funding to help people overcome challenges posed by an injury or illness.  

        This can include medical equipment, such as a leg brace or a wheelchair. We might be able to help pay for changes to someone’s home to help them get into and around their property. Other items we’ve funded include adaptive beds and chairs. 

        If we can’t provide grant funding, we will signpost people to another organisation who might be able to help. We can also help people to look at what state benefits and other support they might be entitled to.  

        In 2022/23 the Charity awarded £818,000 in Grants supporting veterans and their families*, this was an increase of 84 per cent in the value of grant funding compared to the year before. 

        *Source: Help for Heroes Annual Report 2022/23. 

        For more information visits our grant funding page

      • Those wounded while serving are usually transferred to the Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Birmingham for medical treatment. 
        Their clinical recovery takes place at the Defence Medical Rehabilitation Centre (DMRC) Stanford Hall. Here people receive support for physical, neurological and mental health issues. 
        All Headley Court facilities have been recreated at Stanford Hall. This includes the swimming pool and rehabilitation complex our amazing supporters helped us to fund. We work closely with DMRC to make sure everyone affected by their service in the Armed Forces can either return to their military unit or take the next step into their new life as a veteran. 
        We continue to campaign for injured veterans with complex rehabilitation needs to have access to world class expertise and facilities, such as those provided at DMRC.  

        Find out more about how we support veterans and their families with their physical health recovery journey.

      • The DMRC is primarily for serving Armed Forces personnel. Only veterans who have issues with prosthetics can be seen there, once they have been assessed by the Veterans Prosthetics Panel.

      • Yes. People aren’t being treated fairly by the country they risked their lives for. This is an injustice we’re not prepared to accept.

        In the run up to the 2024 General Election, we called on the main party leaders to sign our Veterans Pledge. These three policy demands were:

        • Keep the Office for Veterans’ Affairs, led by a Cabinet attending minister. 
        • Commission an independent review of the medical discharge process. 
        • Ensure veterans get the benefits and compensations they deserve. 

        There are several other policy areas our team lobby decision makers on, including:

        • Reinstate long-term funding for the Veterans Hearing Loss Fund.
        • Expand the scope of the Armed Forces covenant in law so it covers the UK Government, as well as issues such as social care, employment, pensions, compensation, and immigration.
        • Resettle all eligible family members of Afghan Locally Employed Civilians (LECs) in the UK, by 2025. LECs are people who served alongside British Armed Forces during the Afghanistan war, such as interpreters.
      • Many veterans and their families experience social isolation and miss the camaraderie of the Armed Forces network they’ve left behind. 

        To help tackle this we provide opportunities for people to meet others who have been through similar experiences, through structured activities and events.  

        We put on a wide range of hobby, sporting, arts, crafts and musical activities, as well as social events, coffee mornings and drop-in sessions. We host events people can attend in their local communities across the UK as well as online. 

        To find out about sport and social opportunities for veterans and families visit our sports and social activities page. 

      • In 2022/23, thanks to our amazing supporters, fundraisers, partners and volunteers, we raised £20.4 million* in support of veterans and their families.  

        *Source: 2022/23 Annual Report. 

      • Financial reserves ensure that we can continue to run our services and support veterans and their families, even if our donation levels fall. 
        Events that are outside of our control, such as economic uncertainty, inflation and international conflicts or disasters, can quickly have a big impact on our funds and the demand for our services. 
        Over the years we have built up reserves to ensure we weather storms such as these. Reserves mean we can continue to fulfil our promise to be here for veterans and their families for as long as they need us. 
        We currently aim to have between one and two years running costs in our general fund. As of 30 September 2023, our General Fund was £46.6M which was above that range.

        *Source: Help for Heroes Annual Report 2022/23.

      • Yes, we simply couldn’t exist without our team of dedicated staff. Veterans and their families have given so much, and they deserve the best support and the very best people to provide it. 
        Many employees are specialists, with a range of professional qualifications in areas as diverse as psychological support, adaptive sports coaching and occupational therapy. We also employ veterans or people with close links to the military. At least one-third of our 261 staff* have links to the military or are from military families. 
        Alongside this, we depend on an amazing army of 600 dedicated volunteers, who give up their time freely, to support us and help keep costs to an absolute minimum. 

        *Information correct at 30 September 2023. 

      • In 2022/23 we spent £10.6 million on staff wages to an average number of 263 staff employed during the financial year. * 

        Staff pay levels, including that of our CEO, are reached by an external audit using data from organisations of a similar status to us. 

        We also depend on the time and generosity of 600 volunteers around the country and have a board of Trustees; none of whom receive payment. 

        *Source: Help for Heroes Annual Report 2022/23. 

      • No, our Trustees govern the Charity on a voluntary basis. They meet regularly during the year to consider, determine, and review Help for Heroes' strategies and policies, and to receive reports from senior management. 

      • Help for Heroes is a registered Charity in England and Wales (number 1120920) and Scotland (SCO44984). 

        Help for Heroes is also a company limited by Guarantee Registered in England and Wales under number 6363256. 

      • In 2024, we reached an agreement with the Ministry of Defence (MOD) so they would permanently take over the responsibility of our former recovery centres.

        This decision meant that instead of spending charity money on buildings, we could continue to invest in our specialist teams, like our award-winning Veterans Clinical Service who supported 1,493 people last year through home visits, community activities and online support.

        The recovery centres will be used by the MOD to provide recovery for serving people moving forwards. We are proud these buildings can be used by MOD to provide the right care and support for wounded, injured and sick serving people in the future.

      • Yes. We provide support that helps veterans and their families with their physical and mental health, welfare, and social needs in communities across the country.

        To talk to us about accessing support or to find out what free sporting, social, and leisure activities are on offer in your area, fill out an online request form or call 0300 303 9888. If you’re already signed up, visit the JustGo page.

      • We are immensely proud of Help for Heroes’ special legacy with Team UK and the Invictus Games. We trained and developed the team for the first five games following the competition’s launch in 2014.  

        In the spring of 2022, the Ministry of Defence decided that the Royal British Legion will have sole responsibility for the delivery of Team UK to the Invictus Games over the next five years. It will also be the main funder for Team UK.  

        Unfortunately, therefore, we are no longer directly involved in Team UK. 

        We believe this is a chance for Help for Heroes to deliver its sport series to even more veterans and families. We passionately believe in the power of sport to improve people’s physical and mental health, and happiness. We want to help more veterans on their first steps back into sport and physical activity. Our teams across the UK provide exciting sporting opportunities to people of all abilities, including adaptive sports.  

        We will continue to cheer on Team UK and look forward to seeing what the Invictus Games achieves in the future. 

      • We are grateful to everyone who chooses to support us, as an individual, organisation, or business. There are many ways you can do your bit to help us raise money to support our wounded. 

        Please visit our Give Support pages to find out how you can get involved. 

      • Yes, you can; and we’d like to thank you for thinking of helping us in this special and far-reaching way. By leaving a legacy you can play a part in our life-changing rehabilitation and recovery services. This will give vital support and hope to veterans and service personnel in years to come.  

        Many of the men and women we serve have complex conditions that will worsen over time. People will need more intense support as they get older. Knowing we have friends like you who are kind enough to remember Help for Heroes in your Will gives us the confidence to plan ahead so veterans and their families can get the care they deserve for the rest of their lives. 

        Do you have more questions about Gifts in Wills? Check out our Gifts in Wills FAQs or get in touch with our legacy team on 01725 514965 or email Legacies@helpforheroes.org.uk 

      • OUR VISION

        At Help for Heroes, we champion members of the Armed Forces community to live well after service.

        There are many challenges people face after a career in the military has ended.

        Through our Live Well 2032 Strategy we will strive to ensure that the Armed Forces community are valued, supported and recognised.


        Over the next 10 years, we will ensure that members of the Armed Forces community can live well after service, by focusing on four outcomes.


        Making sure that individuals and their families have access to the care and support they need.


        Helping veterans, their families and everyone we support to manage the impact of any condition, injury or illness they may have.


        Striving to make sure that those who have served in the military are valued, understood and recognised.


        Working to ensure that individuals and their families can live well after service. So that people feel they belong and can manage their wellbeing.

      • You need to be over the age of 18 to play the Heroes Lottery.

      • If you would like to opt-out of receiving Lottery communications from us please contact our team on  0300 303 9888 or email us at fundraise@helpforheroes.org.uk

      • You will be trekking over hilly, varied terrain with narrow rocky tracks, and some exposed sections. There is also some walking on soft, loose sand. Some climbs – and descents – are steep, particularly on the first day in the mountains; you should have a good level of fitness and stamina.

        You will trek approximately 95-100km on this trip overall.

      • At the start and end of the trek you stay in a good standard hotel (3-4*) on a twin-share basis. If you are travelling alone, you will be paired up with someone of the same sex and similar age – please let us know if you wish to share with a particular person.

        Whilst on the trek itself you will camp in two-man tents, with dining tents, camp-fires and fabulous views. We highly recommend peacefully sleeping under the incredible star-strewn night skies for at least one night – there’s nothing quite like it!

      • This trekking challenge is all about endurance fitness rather than speed. Try to train with your day-pack on your back and get used to drinking and carrying water during your training. Stick to the provided training plan. This trek is achievable for most people provided they train well in advance.

      • Yes, applications for car adaptations will be considered through the VMF. However, you will need to provide a complete report of assessment and recommendations which have been carried out by a suitably qualified practitioner. For more information on this type of assessment please visit: https://www.drivingmobility.org.uk/assessments/driving-assessments/ 

        “If you have a Motability lease car, or are in the process of choosing a lease car from Motability you should speak to them first to find out what might be available under their scheme Our adaptations | Motability Scheme”.

      • Unfortunately, we can only pay directly to suppliers and no monies will be paid directly to the applicant.

      • Unfortunately, you cannot apply for repayment on mobility equipment that has already been purchased.

      • Yes, but there may be a delay in receiving the equipment if approved, as we will need to obtain an agreement from the supplier. 

      • Yes – you MUST insure any property received via the VMF. The VMF is unable to replace / repair uninsured equipment that is damaged / stolen. Some equipment may be covered under your current house insurance (please speak directly to your insurers to discuss). There are also specialist insurers for mobility / medical equipment. Unfortunately, we are unable to recommend insurers. 

      • Guidance for safety charging any electrical mobility aids can be found via your local fire and rescue service. 

      • In the first instance this should be through your GP or any clinician you are currently working with such as an Occupational Therapist (OT) or Physiotherapist.  If you are not working with any clinicians, our clinical team may be able to help. Please get in touch.  

      • Your application will be acknowledged within 10 working days, however, please note that this may be longer if you have completed a postal application. You can expect to hear a decision on your application within 40 days.   

        • The fund is open for five years – although we will be campaigning for this to be continued.   

        • You can apply to the VMF as many times as you want for mobility-related injuries. The panel will review each case individually. 

        • If you are unhappy and wish to make a complaint or appeal regarding your application please contact us here, or email veteransmobilityfund@helpforheroes.org.uk

        • Yes – if there is a clinical need you can make applications for multiple service-attributable health conditions.   

        • To find out what support we may be able to offer you, please get in touch or call 0300 303 9888.  

        • Yes, if the need changes a new application can be submitted.   

        • We are happy for you to purchase extended warranty and guarantees.

        • Car leases, monthly payments on cars, car loans, home adaptations, medical or surgical procedures, ongoing clinical treatment, hot tubs/saunas/or hydro pools, structural house adaptations.  Whilst this may not be funded through the Veterans’ Mobility Fund, please get in touch to discuss alternate ways we may be able to support.

        • Please contact Help for Heroes on 0300 303 9888 as we may be able to help.

        • If you are unsuccessful, you can reapply if there is new documentation and evidence to show a service-attributable mobility condition.   

        • First, you must contact veteransmobilityfund@helpforheroes.org.uk if you no longer require your equipment. You are not permitted to gift or sell the equipment.

        • The Veterans’ Mobility Fund (VMF) is administered by Help for Heroes with the support and partnership of Blesma. It is funded by the government through the Armed Forces Covenant Fund Trust (AFCFT). 

          • Veterans who have a service-attributable condition (which is linked to the equipment required) and receive (or are applying for) a war pension or appropriate Armed Forces Compensation.  


            • In the first instance your GP - however you may be working with other professionals like an OT, physio or another specialist who can help. If you are unable to contact your GP and have no other clinicians working with you, Help for Heroes’ Veterans Clinical Services may be able to help. 

            • It is the applicant's responsibility to service and maintain the equipment. 

            • The equipment supplier will be able to show you how the equipment works to enable you to use this safely.

            • No thats fine.  If your group is more than 10, we only need the "leaders" or "supervisers" on the day.

            • Absolutly!  Within reason of course, but we have plenty of Help for Heroes branded merch we can provide to really make you stand out on the day.  Once ytou are signed up, keep an eye on your emails to request this.

            • You can choose to swim one or more of the Normandy beaches. Utah is 5km, Omaha is 7km and Juno, Gold and Sword are 11.5km each. So you could choose any combination of those lengths up to 47km.  

            • Utah is 5km and would take 200 lengths of a 25m pool.  

              Omaha is 7km and would be 280 lengths. 

              Gold, Juno and Sword are 11.5km each, and would be 460 lengths per beach.  

              The combined distance of all five beaches would be 47km, or 1,880 lengths. Or 63 lengths a day! 

            • The event starts on 1 June and finishes 30 June 2024.

            • If you need help finding a local swimming bath in your area head to Poolfinder. Or if you want to brave the outdoors, there's a list of pools across the UK at Swim England. 

              If you plan on outdoor swimming, please read Swim England's Open Water tips.

            • From the point of activating your fundraiser, it can take up to ten working days for the Swim Cap to arrive. If you've waited longer than this, please contact us and we'll look into this for you.

            • Your circumstances and priorities can change over time so it’s important to check your Will regularly and make sure it reflects your wishes. 

              Small changes can be accommodated by writing a codicil, a legal document which needs to be signed and dated by two witnesses exactly the same as your Will. It should then be stored with your Will but not attached to it, as this could invalidate both documents.

              We would recommend speaking to your legal adviser before writing a Codicil.

              Suggested wording for a Codicil:

              “I [name of address] declare this to be a codicil dated [date] to amend by existing Will, dated [date of Will]. I give [all/percentage/share/sum/item] to Help for Heroes (RCN1120920/SC044984) of 14 Parkers Close, Downton Business Centre, Salisbury, SP5 3RB to be used for its general and charitable purposes.”

            • Most supporters leave gifts to our general funds so they can be used where the need is greatest. If there’s an area of work that we do, or part of the country you’d especially like to support, please get in touch with our Legacy Team so we can discuss your wishes.

              Call 0300 303 9888 or email legacies@helpforheroes.org.uk 

            • Over the years we’ve been touched to learn that many of those who remember the charity in their Will do so in memory of a relative or friend who served in or Armed Forces.

              From WWI veterans to Blitz survivors, Falklands heroes and best friends who lost their lives in the Gulf War, we will be honoured and humbled to help you help others in honour of your very own hero.

              Read some of our legacy stories.

            • Many people like to specify their funeral wishes in their Will, including whether or not they would like floral tributes or a collection for a favourite charity.

              For family and friends, donating to a good cause can be a welcome chance to do something positive at a sad time.

              It can also be comforting for them to know their loved one’s name, memory and values will live on through the charity’s work.

              If you’d like to be commemorated in this way, you can include instructions in your Will or write a letter of wishes to be stored with your Will.

            • We recommend using a qualified professional, such as a solicitor, because they know the law and can help you consider every eventuality. It’s all too easy to make a mistake that could invalidate your Will and cause your family unnecessary distress and expense in the future. 

              If you’re worried about the cost of using a solicitor, why not try our free Will-writing service?

            • If you’re concerned about the cost of making a Will, our free Will-writing service offers the chance to make a simple Will at no cost to you.

              We're part of The National Free Wills Network; a partnership between charities and solicitors across the country that allows charity supporters to write a simple Will for free.

              We also work with Bequeathed who offer an online Will-writing service with expert legal support.

              So, whether you want the reassurance of meeting with a specialist solicitor or the convenience of writing your Will online, this is a great opportunity to get organised and provide for the people and causes you love.

              Visit our Get Help With Writing Your Will page or call Beth in our legacy team on 0300 303 9888 to find out more.

              Using the service doesn’t place you under any obligation to remember Help for Heroes in your Will but we hope you’ll take a moment to consider the difference you could make to our wounded veterans and their families. Every gift has the power to change lives.

            • We really treasure being able to thank our friends who’ve chosen to leave a legacy, but it’s entirely up to you whether or not you share your intentions with us. We understand this is a personal and sensitive matter, and that people’s circumstances and priorities can change over time. 

            • Lots of people worry about Inheritance Tax (IHT) but the good news is that leaving a gift to charity in your Will can help to reduce the tax burden on your estate.

              UK-registered charities are exempt from IHT, so a gift to charity in your Will doesn’t count towards the nil rate band; reducing the taxable value of your estate. Estates in which 10 per cent or more of the net value is left to charity attract a lower IHT rate of 36 per cent.

              A number of measures have been introduced in recent years to help reduce the number of estates eligible for IHT. Your legal adviser will inform you about any relevant to you and help you plan your Will accordingly.

            • If you’d like to include us in your Will, here’s some suggested wording your legal adviser may like to use that includes all the essential information.

              To leave a share of your estate:

              “I give …. per cent/share/all of my estate to Help for Heroes (RCN1120920/SC044984) of 14 Parkers Close, Downton Business Centre, Salisbury, SP5 3RB to be used for its general and charitable purposes.”

              To leave a fixed amount or specific item:

              “I give the sum of £……/the specific gift of my ……… to Help for Heroes (RCN1120920/SC044984) of 14 Parkers Close, Downton Business Centre, Salisbury, SP5 3RB to be used for its general and charitable purposes.”

            • There are three main types of gift to think about:

              A share of your estate (a residuary legacy) to be made after debts, funeral costs and other legacies have been paid.

              A specific amount of money (a pecuniary legacy), which can be index-linked to protect its future value.

              A particular item (known as a specific legacy), which can be sold or used by the recipient.

            • Inheritance Tax is charged at 40 per cent on estates over the IHT threshold. The threshold, also known as the nil rate band, is currently set at £325,000. Anything above that may attract tax.

              If your estate is eligible for IHT your executor will need to pay that before they can distribute your estate; possibly requiring them to take out an interest-paying loan. 

            • The laws surrounding Wills and Probate differ greatly depending whereabouts in the UK you live. Our guide to writing your Will in Scotland will help, and we also recommend visiting the websites for your regional Law Societies and your respective Government portals.

              Our Will-writing partners, The National Free Wills Network and Bequeathed, cover all of the UK and offer advice from solicitors who are expert and experienced in their field, so wherever you live in Britain, you can get a simple Will written through our free Will-writing services.

            • Gift Aid is a simple way to increase the value of an in memory or Hero Fund donation to charity. If you are a UK taxpayer, the charity could claim 25p on every £1 donated from the Government at no extra cost to you. Which is great news for our wounded veterans.

              If donating to a Hero Fund online or using one of our Hero Fund donation forms, you’ll be offered the opportunity to add Gift Aid to your contribution by filling in an attached declaration.

              Gift Aid can only be claimed on personal remembrance donations. So if you’re organising a collection or sponsored event in memory, individual donors will need to sign a Gift Aid declaration if they want us to reclaim the tax on their contribution.

              Gift Aid cannot be claimed on:

              • Donations on behalf of a group of people
              • Raffles and auctions
              • Collections (unless individual donors complete a Gift Aid donation).

              To sign up for Gift Aid, please complete an online declaration here.

              To find out more, take a look at our Gift Aid page, contact our Supporter Care team on 0300 303 9888 or email supporter.care@helpforheroes.org.uk.

            • There are lots of simple and fun ways to fundraise online in memory of a loved one. Here are a few favourites - tried and tested by our friends:

              Hero Funds

              The easiest way to collect sponsorship or donations online and be confident they’re being recorded as being in memory of your loved one, is through a Hero Fund remembrance page. 

              Hero Funds are Help for Heroes’ own tribute funds, enabling you to create and personalise an online fundraising page in the name and memory of your very own hero.

              It’s easy to track how much money your event has raised, and you’ll be able to see these contributions added to the overall total.

              To find out more and see how easy it is to fundraise through your own Hero Fund remembrance page, visit our Hero Funds page or ring 0300 303 9888 and ask to speak to Beth Brook.  

              Facebook Fundraisers

              If you use Facebook to keep in touch with friends and family, creating a Facebook Fundraiser is an easy way to organise a collection.

              If you choose to support us, please remember to select Help for Heroes Official as your chosen charity and let others know who your collection is commemorating.

              You can do this either in the title of your fundraiser, for example “Jill’s sponsored walk in memory of Grandad” or in the “Why are you raising money?” section when you create your collection.

              To find out more about starting a Facebook Fundraiser, visit our handy page: helpforheroes.org.uk/give-support/ways-to-give/creating-a-facebook-fundraiser/

              If you’d like to receive an acknowledgement and ensure your donations are recorded as being in memory of your loved one, please contact our Supporter Care team on 0300 3030 9888 or email supporter.care@helpforheroes.org.uk.

              Just Giving

              If you already have a Just Giving account, creating a memorial page on the site could be a convenient option for you. You can mark your collection as being in memory and name the page after your loved one. 

              If you’re seeking sponsorship for an event you’re organising or taking part in, you can also mark your collection as being in memory.

              Again, if you would like to receive an acknowledgement and ensure your donations are recorded as being in memory of your loved one, please contact our Supporter Care team on 0300 3030 9888 or email supporter.care@helpforheroes.org.uk.

            • We kindly ask that you don’t send cash donations through the post. If you’re given cash gifts by family and friends, please contact our Supporter Care Team on 0300 3030 9888, or email supporter.care@helpforheroes.org.uk, and they’ll be able to help.

            • We’re very sorry to say we’re not currently able to record Direct Debit payments as being in memory of someone. We appreciate this might be a disappointment and apologise for any frustration caused.

              We hope to be able to offer in memory regular giving in the not-too-distant future. In the meantime, we hope you might find our Hero Fund remembrance pages offer you a comforting and convenient way to commemorate your hero on a regular basis. 

              To find out more about Hero Funds, please visit our Hero Funds page or call Beth Brook on 0300 303 9888.

            • Some people find that setting a fundraising target for their event or Hero Fund helps them to feel positive and stay motivated. Having a target can also help friends and family understand what you’re hoping to achieve and feel more involved. But ultimately, it’s entirely up to you.

              The only time we’ll ask you to raise a specific amount is if you sign up for a challenge in which there’s a minimum fundraising target. If you do enlist in such a challenge, your goal will be clearly explained when you register.

              For every other type of in memory giving, you won’t be given any targets, timelines or minimum donation amounts. You can give as much as you can afford, whenever you can afford it; knowing we’re incredibly grateful.

            • Letting us know of your plans means we can look out for donations and ensure they’re correctly attributed to the tribute in memory of your loved one. If we’re not aware of your collection, it may be difficult to identify all the contributions and give you an idea of how much has been raised.

            • Whether you’re sending in a collection or making a personal or company donation, here are all the details you need.

              • To donate over the phone: call our friendly and helpful Supporter Care Team on 0300 303 9888.
              • To donate online: visit helpforheroes.org.uk/give-support/ways-to-give/in-memory/ and click on the Donate in Memory button. Please be sure to let us know your gift is in memory, and your loved one’s name, so we can record your tribute properly.
              • To donate by cheque: please send your donation to Help for Heroes, 14 Parkers Close, Downton Business Centre, Downton, Salisbury, SP5 3RB.

              Please enclose a covering letter letting us know who you are commemorating and, if possible, the name of the individual or funeral director who is organising the collection. This will help us make sure your gift is added to the right collection.

            • Nowadays most funeral directors, celebrants and faith leaders will ask about donations as part of helping you to organise your loved one’s service.

              They may ask you to contact your chosen charity directly, or they may suggest an online memorial platform such as Much Loved or Memory Giving. And while some funeral directors may create an online tribute page for you, others will suggest you set up a remembrance page and add your own photographs and messages.

              If there’s anything you’re unsure about, or if you’re not very technically minded, don’t be afraid to ask for help. You may find a friend or relative is happy to create and share your collection as their way of helping out at a difficult time.

              If you decide to ask for donations to Help for Heroes, we can help you by registering your collection. Our sympathetic and experienced Supporter Care Team can tell you everything you need to know, and also arrange for you to receive funeral collection envelopes if these would be helpful. Simply supporter.care@helpforheroes.org.uk or call 0300 303 9888.

              Once you’ve created your online fundraising page or registered your collection, the next step is to share the details with others. If you are publishing your loved one’s funeral details in the local newspaper or in a parish or community newsletter, please remember to specify that you’d like donations to your chosen charity.

            • Of course. If your loved one’s funeral has taken place but you haven’t yet sent in the collection, the funds can be paid straight into your Hero Fund online, over the phone or by cheque.

              If you’ve registered your funeral collection with us, please let us know you’ve decided to add the donations to a Hero Fund – just so that we’re aware.

              If you’ve already sent in the funeral collection, we’d be happy to reallocate it to your Hero Fund and add it as an offline donation. You’ll be able to see this figure reflected in your tribute’s total.

            • Every in memory gift is as precious and unique as the person it remembers. Whether you choose to hold a collection, organise an event, leave a gift in your Will or make a personal donation on special days; we’re honoured to help you remember your hero in your way.

              We hope the other pages in our Give in Memory section will give you some ideas of ways to commemorate your loved one, and we’re always happy to listen to your fundraising ideas and help in any way we can.

            • It’s entirely up to you to say how you’d like friends and family to pay tribute. Afterall, you knew your loved one best. Did they love flowers and dream of being surrounded by floral tributes? Or did they think the money could be put to another use? Only you will know.

              These days, many funeral notices stipulate “family flowers only” and the next of kin asks everyone else to contribute to a favourite charity. In that way, a balance can be struck between the passing beauty of the family’s bouquets and the lasting good done in the deceased’s name and memory

            • When someone has died, their next of kin may ask family and friends to donate to a charity in their memory.

              This may be a charity that the deceased themself supported, an organisation that helped them or a loved one, or perhaps a cause that reflects their life and values.

              These gifts are usually known as ‘in memory’ donations but they may also be described as ‘in memoriam’, ‘in honour’, ‘remembrance’, ‘tribute’ or ‘memorial’ donations. 

            • Unless you’ve signed up for an organised event with a pre-set target, you don’t need to worry. We know it’s not easy to fundraise and every donation really does help our wounded veterans and their families.

            • The easiest way to collect donations or sponsorship online and in memory of your loved one is through a Help for Heroes Hero Fund remembrance page.

              Hero Funds are Help for Heroes’ tribute funds, enabling you to create and personalise a remembrance page in the name and memory of your very own hero. You can share your fund via social media and email at the click of a button. You can also create linked events to mark special occasions or encourage sponsorship for your fundraising challenges.

              With a Hero Fund it’s really easy to keep track of how much money has been raised in memory.

              To find out more and see how easy it is to fundraise through your own Hero Fund remembrance page, visit our Hero Funds page.   

            • A memorial service takes place after the funeral, often months but sometimes even years after the person being remembered has passed.

              For some, this offers an opportunity to bring people together after the initial shock of a loved one’s death has passed. For others it can provide a chance to share memories with people who couldn’t make the funeral; perhaps because they live overseas or because coronavirus pandemic restrictions prevented them from doing so.

              Memorial events don’t have to fit a religious or cultural template in the same way that funerals often do. They can be whatever you want them to be; whether formal or informal, humorous, poignant, relaxed or active (coronavirus restrictions permitting, of course). Many families like to arrange something that reflects their loved one’s personality and interests, but it’s really up to you.

              Memorial events and collections are also a positive way to mark special occasions such anniversaries, or to feel your loved one is involved and remembered during milestone family moments such as weddings and at Christmas. Indeed, couples sometimes request in memory donations in lieu of wedding presents as a touching tribute to a family member or friend whose absence is felt deeply on their special day.    

              To organise a memorial collection, please call our Supporter Care Team on 0300 303 9888 or email supporter.care@helpforheroes.org.uk.

            • A great way of getting people involved in office fundraising is matching employee donations. It’s also great if the event has an element of competition or can help people develop skills that are linked to their job role. And if all else fails, food will always get people involved!

            • If your office fundraising event is open to both staff and clients, you can use your social media channels to promote your event and invite people along. If the event is solely for staff, you can use it as an opportunity to take photos to share on your social media channels, showcasing your charitable activity and the spirit of fun within your business.

            • Depending on the type of fundraising event you’re organising, you can collect money in advance. However, it’s better to collect the money on the day to build up an engaging collection process. In the digital age, less and less people carry cash around, so it’s important to offer flexible ways of donating in the workplace.

              For example, mobile payments and money collection apps don’t require anyone to have cash, so team members can easily transfer the correct amount with one simple action.

            • Of course! We are incredibly grateful for any amount you feel able to give.

              Because of donation processing fees, we do ask that if you would like to donate less than £1 per month you consider making a slightly higher one-off donation. This ensures that as much of your donation can be used supporting those affected by their service.

            • We understand that circumstances change – you are free to alter the amount or frequency of your regular donation at any time or stop it completely.  If you call our team on 0300 303 9888 - Monday to Friday, 9am - 5pm. Calls to this number are charged at your standard network rate, and we can arrange that for you

              If you subsequently feel able to give again, we would, of course, love to welcome you back.

            • We all make promises. At Help for Heroes we’ve promised all those affected by their service that we will support them, for life.

              Now, we’re asking our supporters, like you, to echo this promise – to Make the Heroes Promise.

              The Heroes Promise asks supporters, new and old, to commit to making a monthly donation. This reliable and predictable income allows us to plan for the future – fulfilling our promise for as long as we’re needed.

            • No. We want to inspire you to realise your potential and make the most of opportunities. All courses are educational but are not academic. 

            • We are running course delivery via Microsoft Teams. This is done by Case Manager referral only. If you feel accessing courses virtually would be of benefit to you, please fill in our Get Support form.

              We hope to increase our delivery of courses in the near future and will be in touch once that happens. In the meantime, ten of our modules can be self-accessed on our website here and completed at your own pace.

            • All courses delivered by the Recovery College are co-designed, co-reviewed and co-delivered by both someone with lived experience of the subject matter (a Peer Trainer) and someone with experience by training, with a view that courses developed in this way bring together different perspectives and expertise.

            • Our online self-help guides are free and accessible to all.

              Once we are able to deliver our full Recovery College courses face-to-face and virtually, they will be free for anyone who is eligible for Help for Heroes’ support.

            • Peer Trainers, Peer Support and Peer Learning Mentors use their lived experience to share their insight into self-management and what keeps them well. Peer Trainers work alongside Help for Heroes’ Trainers to bring together lived and professional expertise and personal experience.

            • We're so excited you're joining us! Keep an eye on your emails - we'll be sending you all the info you need and will be here to support you every step of the way. 

              We’ll then send out everything you need to make your collection a success (either to yourself or your Collection Lead if you're signed up as part of a group).

            • We are unable to support in finding fundraisers for specific stores. But don't forget you can always ask friends, family or your local military cadet groups to join you for a few hours, just make sure they sign up too!

            • No, Tesco will do this for you. We'll send you more information about it nearer the time. 

            • If this is your first time, you're in for a treat! You can expect a fun-filled day with lots of interaction with members of the public. 

              You can also expect a lot of support from us. We'll give you 'how to' guides in your pack and advise you who to speak to at your Tesco store. We'll give you plenty of top tips to help you prepare for the day, know what to expect on the day itself and what to do at the end of the collection. 

            • Not at all, the ride is suitable for a mix of abilities and we have plenty of first-time riders each year. We advise that you do regular training rides on a mix of hills and flats before the event, so you're prepared for cycling for four days. 

              We'll send you a training guide within your first month. We're happy to help with any training preparation too so you can have a truly enjoyable ride. This year's ride is 250 miles in total.  

              Here's what one of our riders said:

              “I’d never really cycled up until I started to train for my first event. I really enjoyed the cycling, and now cycle three or four times a week. All of my training was done alone, so being able to ride with a group was amazing!"

              You'll get access to our cycling event participant Facebook Group upon registering, so you can join forces with fellow riders on training sessions and get motivated. 

            • The Big Battlefield Bike Ride charity bike ride is not designed to be a race; however, you should be comfortable maintaining around 10 - 12mph. An average day will be around 60-70 miles and in true Help for Heroes style, you can expect some sneaky hills along the way. The days in the saddle will be broken up with water and food breaks, along with historian-led stops and visits to war cemeteries.

            • Yes! If you are part of a team please make sure you let the Events Team know by emailing events@helpforheroes.org.uk, if you haven’t already done so on your registration. We will do our best to put your group in the same hotels during the ride.

            • The first target of £1,524 which covers the cost of your trip (including accommodation, transport and food) is due by 8 March 2024. 

              We know this sounds daunting, but we have seen fundraisers raise this amount over a weekend! 

              Of course, we're here to support you to make sure you smash your fundraising.

            • Yes you can. These costs need to be paid by 08 March to secure your place. 

              Simply register, then contact us at events@helpforheroes.org.uk and we'll help you with this. 

              • Transport and transfers throughout the challenge; from the ferry outbound to the coach inbound.
              • Accommodation in 2 to 4-star hotels (1-star hotels may be used if no available alternative) 
              • All meals including catered water stops; including a welcome dinner at Portsmouth on 24 June and breakfast on 29 June before the return journey via coach.
              • Full support crew including ride leads, medical, mechanical, historical and ceremonial support.
              • Unique cycling jersey, commemorative t-shirt, and finishers medal.
              • Commemorative video and images of the ride.
              • Fundraising pack and support from the Events Team including fundraising and training advice.
              • Personal travel insurance – required
              • Travel to Portsmouth for the start and end of the ride
              • Depending on your location and travel arrangements; overnight accommodation before or after the event may be required
              • Personal clothing and kit, including helmet & hi-vis vest (see kit list)
              • Spending money

            • The suggested minimum fundraising target for this cycling challenge is £3,000 of which £199 is payable on registration, and £1,524 must be received by Help for Heroes by Friday 8 March 2024 to cover the cost of your trip. 

              The remainder of your fundraising will support wounded servicemen and women. You'll still have three months after your challenge to boost your fundraising. 

              We encourage all fundraisers to be open and transparent. No matter what fundraising activity you are planning, it's always important that you state if a proportion of all money raised is going towards the costs of your participation in the challenge. Unless you've self-funded the trip costs. 

              We suggest the following wording: “Please note that a proportion of the total money raised will be used to cover the costs of my participation in the challenge, which totals £1,524.”

            • Our Events Team are always on hand to guide you through your fundraising. Once you register you'll receive our comprehensive fundraising guide, planner and sponsorship form via email to help you get started.

              Keep an eye on your inbox because we'll send you tools and fundraising ideas to support you throughout your challenge. There's also our participant Facebook Group brimming with advice. From top tips to newsletters, advice to wristbands; we will do our best to help you become a fundraising champion!

              If you're raring to get going simply search 'Fundraising Tools' on our website. 

            • We recommend using a road/racing or e-bike for this cycling challenge. Whatever bike you choose to use, you should complete plenty of training on it, so you are comfortable.

              Clipless pedals (with cleated shoes) give you greater power from the effort you put into each pedal revolution – they take some getting used to though and most people will fall off a few times. Please ensure you get used to them in good time before the ride.

            • To comply with French standards, your bike must have reflectors at the front and rear, plus you must always carry a hi-vis vest and wear it in poor visibility. 

              Please comply as French Police can stop you. If you have a high-quality bike frame without reflector fittings, ensure it can be attached securely to your saddle bag or clothing.

            • It is essential that your bike is in good mechanical order before leaving the UK. If in doubt most good bike shops will service it for you. 

              There will be a full tool kit with spares (e.g. inner tubes and puncture repair kits) carried in the support vehicles but we cannot supply spares for all eventualities. Spares will be charged at competitive rates advised by the mechanics on the ride. 

              If your bike has unusual features (e.g. flat spokes) please bring suitable spares and tools required. Do not assume bike shops on route stock everything, many have to order specialist parts.

            • Help for Heroes works closely with Discover Adventure, our tour operator who supports the logistics of the ride. We have worked with Discover Adventure for many years and teams from both companies are present during the event. 

            • After the evening meal, your time is your own. Some people choose to rest their weary limbs and get an early night, others choose to spend time getting to know each other better. 

            • Most meals are included apart from those stated above. Lunches are prepared using fresh local ingredients and will give you lots of energy, and there is plenty of it! Evening meals will either be taken in hotels or in local restaurants.

              We recommend bringing some snacks if you'd like an extra boost during cycling, or once the day's ride is over. 

            • The Events Team is on hand Monday to Friday 9am – 5pm to answer any questions you may have. Email events@helpforheroes.org.uk and we’ll respond as soon as we can or give you a call back if you prefer.

              Whether your question relates to fundraising or cycling, we’ve probably been asked it before so get in touch and we’ll point you in the right direction.

            • The Facts

              1 in 3 veterans have felt suicidal in their lifetime (Source: YouGov Plc, 2022)

              Worldwide over 700,000 people a year take their own life (Source: WHO, 2021)

              Approximately 6000 people take their own life in the UK each year (Source: Office for National Statistics. 2019)

              287 serving UK regular Armed Forces personnel took their own life between 2003-2022 (Source: MOD Statistical Notice, 2023)

              Veteran suicide is not currently recorded by the UK Government but will be from 2022, with the first report due in 2023.

              The government is also conducting a 10 year look back to examine veteran deaths through suicide. This research is expected to be published in 2023. (Source: Veteran suicide figures to be recorded for the first time - GOV.UK)

              • As part of the Armed Forces Covenant Fund Trust’s ‘One is Too Many’ programme we have received funding which has enabled us to develop this bespoke training course with the aim of creating suicide-safer communities for veterans.

                We also offer a range of specialist and tailored recovery services that enable veterans and families to live secure and healthy lives with purpose. This includes one-to-one mental, clinical and physical health support, our Recovery College and a range of sports and wellbeing activities.

                We’re calling on Local Authorities and the Government to take action to prevent more veteran suicides

              • We encourage everyone to take this training as you never know when you might need it.

                If you are a suicide survivor or have been bereaved by suicide, you may find elements of the training difficult. Please take care and make sure you have someone supportive nearby.

              • Increase your skills and knowledge, in a similar way to mental health first aid training

                Learn to recognise the indicators of suicidal behaviours

                Learn how to have that difficult conversation should the need arise

                Know where to signpost to for help and support

                Potentially save the life of a loved one, friend, colleague or even a stranger.

                • For immediate support in an emergency please call 999. To access confidential emotional support for feelings of distress, despair or suicidal thoughts - Samaritans freephone 116 123 (24/7) or email jo@samaritans.org

                  Download our Sources of Support PDF for a list of support available across the UK.

                • With support at hand to help you complete the Will interview, the system creates your draft Will from the answers you give. You can save your progress at any time and pick up again where you left off.

                • When you're ready, Bequeathed will arrange a free 30 minute appointment with one of their accredited legal partners. They will discuss your situation and confirm the draft Will meets your needs.

                • You can then return a copy to the legal firm who will check it has been executed correctly and securely store it for you, also at no cost.

                • Visit the Bequeathed website to start writing your Will For Good.

                • Absolutely. Getting your company involved in fundraising is a brilliant way to motivate your workforce and unite employees by working towards a positive goal.

                  There are many ways to make a difference: we run a successful Charity of the Year (COTY) programme, as well as a Give as You Earn scheme. Additionally, you could sign up to become a Commercial Partner. Please call us on 0300 303 9888 or email fundraise@helpforheroes.org.ukand we can discuss the best option for you.

                • Collecting Gift aid is a great way to boost your amazing donations. If someone is a UK taxpayer, we can claim 25p from the Government for every £1 donated, at no extra cost to them. It is great news for our beneficiaries helping us meet our mission to help veterans and their families recover and take back control of their lives.

                  Gift aid cannot be claimed on donations such as entry to a raffle or tombola or donations on behalf of a group of people.

                  If for example you were holding a public collection, or an event where people could donate directly; we could send you some gift aid declaration forms and you could ask your donors to complete a Gift Aid declaration which you would then send to us with your donations after the event. Please call our Supporter Care Team on 0300 303 9888 or email fundraise@helpforheroes.org.uk.

                  If you have set up an online giving page, such as JustGiving, your sponsors and donors will be asked if they wish to GiftAid their donations. All the information requried by HMRC is managed for you.

                • You’ll need to make sure that your fundraising stays within data protection laws. Don’t worry - it’s not as daunting as it sounds!  It’s mostly about protecting people’s names, contact details, photographs and other personal information. 

                  • Only collect, store and use the minimum amount of data you need for your purpose e.g. name and contact number for a raffle
                  • Don’t keep extra data if you don’t need it
                  • Store data securely and destroy it as soon as it is no longer needed
                  • Ask for consent if taking photos and inform people how they will be used.

                  Detailed guidance can be found at fundraisingregulator.org.uk/guidance/topics/data-protection

                • Yes, Help for Heroes welcomes all fundraisers no matter what their age! If you are under 18 or have people involved in the organisation that are, please make sure they have permission from their parent or guardian, and are supervised by a responsible adult. To register your fundraising plans, a parent or guardian would need to complete the form on your behalf.

                  Children should never approach strangers about fundraising. It is illegal for children under 16 years of age to participate in public collections unless they are with a responsible adult Never leave your children unsupervised during an event or fundraising activity.

                • Raffles, lotteries and prize draws are a great way to boost your fundraising – everyone loves the opportunity to win something! Small raffles that are part of a bigger event don’t need a licence as long as there’s no cash prize and you’re not spending more than £500 on prizes. You’re only permitted to sell tickets at one location, on one day at the same event as the prize draw and the results are announced at the event or afterwards.

                  If you are selling tickets to a wider audience over a longer period of time, or you want to hold other types of raffle in different locations, you will need to have tickets printed and adhere to a number of rules. 

                  Please check the latest advice from the Gambling Commission at gamblingcommission.gov.uk

                • The support we can provide towards your fundraising event unfortunately cannot be extended to us accepting any responsibility or liability or providing any required insurance.

                  If you are unsure, contact an insurance company to check you have the correct cover for your event. The different types of insurance you may need to consider include:

                  • Public liability insurance*
                  • Event cancellation insurance
                  • Travel or health insurance
                  • Damage to property owned, hired, or borrowed

                  *Don’t forget to ask if you are covered under a venue’s own public liability insurance or whether you need to organise your own and allow enough time (at least a month) to apply for this.

                • We have a network of volunteers who can help with things like cheque presentations, stalls and speaking about the work we do. Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee their availability but if you contact our Supporter Care Team they will happily see if we have a volunteer in your local area who is able to support your fundraiser. 

                  Contact our Supporter Care Team on 0300 303 9888 or email fundraise@helpforheroes.org.uk

                • If you or a third party would like to use our logo, pictures or reference the charity on any fundraising materials please contact us. It’s important that you get our permission before you commit to anything or allow our logo to be used for marketing purposes. It’s also important to use the correct logo. Unfortunately, you cannot use the stretcher-bearers or the Help for Heroes Bears.

                  Once you have registered your fundraising with us, please contact our Supporter Care Team on 0300 303 9888 or email fundraise@helpforheroes.org.uk. They will help you select the most appropriate logo for your fundraiser. Please have your event ID number to hand.

                • Once you have registered your plans, please contact our Supporter Care Team on 0300 303 9888 or email fundraise@helpforheroes.org.uk.  They will help you select the most appropriate items for your fundraiser. Please have your event ID number to hand (this will be in your initial email from us).

                • Public collections are a great way to collect valuable donations and also to spread awareness about Help for Heroes. There are few extra things to think about so do call our Supporter Care Team on 0300 303 9888 or email fundraise@helpforheroes.org.uk to register your collection. This is to ensure the collection is legal as well as great fun!

                  If you’re collecting in a public place, such as your local high street, you will need to obtain a public collection licence or permit from the local authority. If you’re planning to hold a collection on private property such as in shopping centre, supermarket, at railway stations or in sports stadiums, you will need to obtain written permission from the owner or manager.

                  As part of the registration with us we will provide you with a Letter of Authority to collect on our behalf.

                • The more people who know about your fundraising, the more money you’ll raise so it’s worth investing time in getting the word out there.

                  Work your social network!

                  Social media is a great way to keep friends and followers up to date with progress and build a buzz about your fundraising. Share your online giving page, photos and videos.

                  Get tagging

                  Don’t forget to tag us so we can celebrate your amazing activities:

                  Facebook @HelpforHeroesOfficial

                  Instagram @helpforheroes

                  Twitter @HelpforHeroes

                  Approach your local press

                  To spread the word, think about getting interest from your local newspaper, radio station or TV news channel. Guidance on how to do this is here

                  Put up posters

                  If you’re holding a community event, see if you can put up posters in local shops and venues. We have ready-made posters you can use to promote your fundraising - we'll send you the link to these once you've registered your event.

                • We are immensely grateful for your support. Without all our fabulous supporters  we couldn’t continue to support those affected by their military service.

                  Sign up to do a challenge, activity or event in support of our Heroes. Whatever activity you’re planning, our friendly team can offer ideas, advice and information to guide your fundraising experience.

                  If you set up an online giving page, please do send us the link to fundraise@helpforheroes.org.ukso we can link this to your fundraiser to ensure we thank you correctly!

                  Every penny you raise makes a huge difference to the lives of wounded veterans and their families.

                • There are so many ways to support Help for Heroes.   Vistit our page here

                • You are more than welcome to get creative for H4H, but you must register it as a fundraiser so our team can make sure it is suitable, and that we can advise on any criteria or guidelines that need to be met.

                  Help for Heroes has never released a single or approached artists or record companies – these people have chosen to fundraise in support of Help for Heroes and we’ve been grateful recipients. Therefore, we are really not in a position to help (unsigned) artists get their music heard/published and do not have the expertise to provide advice.

                  Similarly we do not have the means to publish or share books or poems, but we are extremely grateful to all those who choose to share their work with us.

                • Yes of course!  We have a page full of information, simply click here.

                • If your business would like to run a promotion to generate funds to support us, you will need a written agreement. Please contact our Supporter Care Team on 0300 303 9888 or email fundraise@helpforheroes.org.uk so that we can prepare a simple agreement for you.

                • Having Armed Forces personnel at your fundraiser can be a big boost but, unfortunately, we cannot organise someone to come along. We recommend you contact your nearest military garrison, or your closest naval or RAF base and ask them about inviting someone to your event.

                  You might also consider approaching the cadets or your local reserves recruitment office to explore this option.

                  Also please be aware that if you are organising any media coverage, a serving member of the Armed Forces is unable to do any interviews without official clearance, and this typically takes anywhere between 4-6 weeks. If you have any further questions, please email fundraise@helpforheroes.org.uk. 

                • We are incredibly grateful that you have decided to fundraise for us but, unfortunately, we cannot help you pay for your event. All money raised in support of Help for Heroes is allocated and spent to help our wounded veterans and their families.  We therefore cannot use any of the money we receive to support your fundraising efforts.

                • Help for Heroes has been very fortunate to work with some large and well-known brands and companies. We are hugely grateful for the support they show us, and to respect this partnership we do not give out corporate contacts.

                • Yes we do, please read our full fundraising terms and conditions

                • Organising your own fundraiser

                  If you are planning your own fundraiser, you can set your own target.

                  Help for Heroes events

                  For Help for Heroes’ own fundraisers, such as Step 2 It there is usually a suggested minimum fundraising target. The exception is our Big Battlefield Bike Ride where the cost of your place includes all travel, accommodation, and meals. More details can be found on the individual events pages.

                  Third-party events

                  For events organised by a third party (e.g. Ultra Challenge Series, Great North Run) there is usually a fundraising target for a charity place. This can vary depending on the event and whether you choose to fundraise the cost of your place as well, or pay a higher proportion of the cost of your place and have a lower fundraising target; or cover the cost of your place yourself and set your own target.

                • We recommend you purchase a lockable box so if you are running a stall or taking donations you can store the cash in a secure location.

                  At larger functions, handling the money is a full-time job for one of the organising team. It is good practice for two people to be present whenever cash is handled and, wherever possible, the money should be counted/verified by both people. Everybody should be conscious of security and the possibility of theft.

                  We recommend having a receipt book for your own records and to give receipts to people who require them (for a donation, for example), books can be bought from most stationery shops, and finally don’t forget to get plenty of money bags from the bank for all the coins and notes.

                • When you have finished your fundraising please return your charity promotional items, using the address label supplied with your order, to:

                  Help for Heroes Trading Limited
                  Mosaic Fulfilment Solutions
                  York House
                  Wetherby Road
                  Long Marston
                  YO26 7NH

                  Wristband display boxes, cardboard collection boxes and used or un-used posters do not need to be returned and we’d be grateful if you could please recycle or destroy these items.

                  Thank you!

                • Match Funding, or match giving, is a service offered by many organisations as part of their Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) programme, to help employees boost their fundraising efforts by ‘matching’ the money they raise. Any company, big or small, may be able to offer a match funding scheme, so be sure to check with your employer to see if one is already in place, or if they would be interested in setting one up. Companies that offer match funding can pledge a sum of money relating to the amount their employee has fundraised for charity.

                  Every organisation is different in what they expect from employees and will pledge to charity, but many will do this on a pound-for-pound basis. Your employer may be able to match fund your valuable donation – ask the question – you never know!

                • Your fundraising efforts really will make a difference and the earlier we receive your donations, the sooner we can put them to good use. There are several ways you can pay your money in. With all options, please let us know your registration ID number so we can thank you correctly. If you have been collecting donations via an on-line giving page such as a Just Giving page, the donations will come directly to us but do let us know when you know all donations have been received so we can thank you! Please email fundraise@helpforheroes.org.uk to tell us.

                  By Post
                  You can download our donations form or send us a cheque, made payable to Help for Heroes, to:

                  Help for Heroes Donations Team
                  14 Parkers Close
                  Downton Business Centre
                  SP5 3RB

                  By Phone
                  Alternatively, count the cash you’ve collected and make a card payment over the phone.

                  Simply call 0300 303 9888, quoting your event registration number.

                  At the Bank
                  You can pay in your raised funds over the counter in any branch of Lloyds or by bank transfer to our Lloyds account (note, residents of Scotland, please use Bank of Scotland):

                  Account Name: Help for Heroes
                  Account Number: 03524452
                  Sort-code: 30-90-21

                • You should always consult a legal professional if you are looking to reduce your inheritance tax through charitable legacies.

                  Everyone’s circumstances are different and the way in which your estate’s value is calculated depends on a number of different factors.

                  Expert advice can help safeguard your family’s future security and save them the distress and cost of complications after you’ve gone.

                • An estate may be granted exemption from Inheritance Tax if the deceased was a serving or former member of the armed forces and the Ministry of Defence (MOD) agree they died from an injury suffered or disease contracted while on active service, or if their injury or illness can be shown to have hastened their death.

                  An exemption may also be granted if the deceased was targeted and killed because they were a serving or former member of the armed forces.

                  To consider an application for exemption the MOD will require access to the veteran’s full medical records, and each case is assessed on its own merit.

                  To find out more call Veterans UK on

                  0808 1914 218 or visit the Government’s Support for War Veterans webpage.

                • The taxable value of your estate can also be affected by certain gifts made during your lifetime. These include

                  • gifts made more than seven years before your death
                  • gifts made for public benefit, for example to galleries, museums or political parties
                  • wedding gifts of £5,000 to your children or £2,500 to your grandchildren
                  • general gifts up to a total of £3,000 a year.
                • If your estate is worth more than the Inheritance Tax threshold when you die, it may qualify for an additional allowance called the residence nil rate band (RNRB).

                  The RNRB can help reduce the tax liability of your estate if you leave the family home to direct descendants such as your children and grandchildren.

                  At the time of writing (September 2021) the RNRB is worth an additional £175,000 to the nil rate band allowance. In estates where the residence was passed from a spouse or civil partner, their RNRB may also be applicable.
                  Please seek professional advice if you would like to take advantage of the RNRB when writing your Will, as the rate of allowance can vary.

                • Married couples and civil partners benefit from “spouse or civil partner exemption”. This means assets can be passed from one spouse or civil partner to another during their lifetime or after death without attracting IHT, on condition that the partner receiving the assets is domiciled (has their permanent home) in the UK

                • The nil rate band allowance of £325,000 applies to each individual. If one member of a married couple or civil partnership dies without making full use of their nil rate band, the remaining proportion of the allowance can be transferred to the surviving partner. This is known as the transferable nil rate band, or TNRB for short.

                  If the first partner dies and leaves everything to their spouse of civil partner, there is no IHT to be paid on the estate. Their full nil rate band allowance can then be added to that of the second spouse or civil partner; meaning their estate would not be eligible for IHT unless it was worth more than £650,000

                • There are three main types of gift to consider when planning your Will. Depending on your circumstances, your adviser may recommend a particular type of legacy to help you reduce the taxable value of your estate.

                  • A share of your estate (a residuary legacy) to be made after debts, funeral costs and other legacies have been paid.
                  • A specific amount of money (a pecuniary legacy), which can be index-linked to protect its value.
                  • A particular item (a specific legacy), which can be sold or used by the recipient.

              Please accept our apologies if we have not been able to answer your question. If you would like to speak to us, please do not hesitate to give us a call on 0300 303 9888. We would love to hear from you and are always happy to answer any questions you have.