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When Tracy joined the Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineers at 18-years-old she had longed to serve for a full 22 years, just like her dad.

“It was my life, it’s always been my life. My dad was in the Army, I miss it, I miss it a lot.”

However, after two tours of Iraq Tracy came back a different person, both mentally and physically.

After 20 years in the Army, Tracy’s military career was cut short. Narrowly missing the 22-years she had striven to achieve, she was medically discharged.

Tracy’s injuries also denied her the chance to continue playing team sports. The combination of her career ending abruptly, together with no opportunities to take part in her favourite hobbies, lead to Tracy suffering depression and a loss of confidence. Bravely putting a smile on her face in public she would suffer in silence at home.

 “That’s when Help for Heroes came along. I would’ve given up without them.”

Her involvement with the Charity, has, in her words, quite literally saved her life, and she now looks at everyday life with a different perspective.

First introduced to cricket by Help for Heroes, Tracy loved being back together with team mates and fellow injured soldiers. Competing in a Help for Heroes charity match at the Oval she won man of the match; proving how powerful sport can be in aiding the recovery journey: “Sport makes me smile, sport makes me happy.”

During her time at Tedworth House Recovery Centre, Tracy has also become a Help for Heroes Ambassador, a role she is extremely proud of: “Giving me this Ambassador role was a big turning point for me, it’s given me my confidence back and it’s helped me to educate other people.”

Tracy’s keen to make sure the countless others who need support are not afraid to seek it: “When I come to Tedworth House I don't have to pretend to be anyone else, I can be Tracy.

“Don’t suffer in silence, go on the recovery journey together with others.”

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