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A profound loss, a pioneering spirit and a fundraising legacy. Shaun’s journey began with the unexpected illness and bereavement of his son – Jack Patrick. At only 20 years old Jack fell ill in 2015 due to a rare autoimmune disease called Goodpasture syndrome and sadly passed away.

“We were asked if Jack had a favourite charity that we would like donations to be made to. All four of us – myself, my wife Emma and my other two kids, Will and Katie – all said in unison, ‘Help for Heroes’. And that’s what set the ball rolling with this really.”

Read on to find out about Shaun and his family’s inspiring journey, from fundraising in memory, to annual cricket days and an adventure trekking in Cambodia. They’ve raised over £160,000 for Help for Heroes in Jack’s memory, all by taking one step at a time.

In the beginning, we didn’t set out to keep raising money for a charity. We were trying to decide what to do in Jack’s memory. Jack’s ambition to support veterans had begun on a trip to the States as a young boy.”

Shaun Patrick


A young boy's vision

Jack’s compassion for our cause started on a family trip to the United States. Around only 8 years old at the time, Jack was curious about what he witnessed – everywhere the family went, Americans would inquire if anyone present had served or was serving in the U.S. forces. Those who raised their hands were thanked for their service and given special treatment.

Shaun remembers him asking why we don’t do that in the UK. “He just had this thing from that point on, that we don’t treat our own veterans with enough respect. As soon as Help for Heroes came along, he was all over it. Raising money himself, telling his friends all about it. It was his passion. He just felt like too many people got a raw deal.”

Shaun Patrick takes on an overseas trek challenge
Shaun Patrick, family and friends fundraising in memory of Jack on their Cambodia Trek, 2018 - Shaun Patrick

A legacy of love

Shortly after the funeral, Shaun and his family received news that £6,000 had been raised in Jack’s memory. In that moment they decided to try and raise even more and create a legacy for Jack’s passion.

Their initiative continued to grow when one of Jack's best friends, James, joined them by taking on a football-based fundraising challenge. Despite being a Newcastle United supporter and Jack's allegiance to Leicester, James embarked on a remarkable journey, cycling around all the football club grounds in the league, finishing at Leicester. This daring adventure raised an impressive £11,000.

Then Jack's cricket club, Lutterworth, joined the cause by organising a cricket day that has now become an annual event that veterans also go along to.

“It’s a brilliant community event, where we get to look after those guys for the weekend. We’ve become friends with them all and it’s led to more. Like golf days, and some friends getting involved in Help for Heroes’ overseas challenges like the Big Battlefield Bike Ride.”

Overseas trek challenge in Cambodia
Shaun and his friends took on an incredible fundraising trek challenge - Shaun Patrick

An unforgettable Cambodian trek

In 2018, Shaun, his wife Emma, and a group of friends took on the ultimate challenge – a six-day long trek in Cambodia. It was a first for them, and it turned out to be an unforgettable overseas trekking experience.

“I was always organising events but had never done a physical challenge, so I said to Emma, we could really do this. It was going to take a lot of training - for me anyway as I was extremely unfit! But we asked a group of friends who were up for it, and Team Jacko was born.”

To prepare for the overseas trek, participants received training plans to get 'walking fit'. They attended meetings where they received essential information, including kit lists and itineraries. The journey itself was a blend of organised planning and friendly informality with ample opportunities for downtime, socialising and marvelling at the local culture.

When you’re walking along with people all day every day for six days - it was phenomenal. There were about 30 of us in total, and we made some really good friends; people who we’re still in touch with now.” 

Shaun Patrick


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