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Former Flight lieutenant Jennifer Collins served in the RAF until she was medically discharged in 2017. Crediting Invictus 2018 with helping her ongoing recovery, the 37-year-old from Hook said: “I now focus on what I can do rather than what I’ve been told I can’t do because of my illness.  When I am feeling low and struggling to function I have the goal of Invictus to work towards – something bright on the horizon rather than a constant grey fog.  Training for the Games is all about the sport – not being ill or being medically discharged.  It’s about connecting with and supporting everyone in the process, drawing on our collective strengths to get everyone through our day-to-day lives. Invictus is giving my family and me the positive strong Jenny back that looks forward, smiles and laughs.  I am now setting a strong example for my children, doing things with them and encouraging them. My confidence and self-belief are returning, which all contributes to managing my illness and working towards a brighter future for my family and me.”