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For Army veteran Jason, the Invictus journey has given him a spark again and a renewed love of exercise.

“Before lockdown I was playing sitting volleyball for Help for Heroes and we became national champions which I am extremely proud of, I now play for the Salisbury Spitfires which are a new team but I really enjoy it. I have discovered sitting volleyball is my passion,”

 “I love being back part of a team and with those who have had similar situations and struggles to myself. I enjoy talking to the other team members about my history and trying to help others in their situations. It makes me feel alive again.” 

“Lockdown during Covid was initially very hard for me and found my mental state went downhill very fast as I had no work and too much time on my hands which I have always struggled with. Eventually my business recovered and found for the last 12 months it has been non-stop.

"I've also become part of the management team for Combined Veterans Football Club which raises money for local charities that help military veterans which I find very rewarding.”