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Former corporal in the British Army, James Stride is focused on moving forwards on his sports recovery journey. Uplifted and motivated by his Invictus journey so far, he strives to keep up the momentum to train and be part of a team.

“It’s the community feel you get from it. Since I got involved in Invictus, it’s been amazing to be back among the lads again. To be a part of a team training towards a common goal will give me the drive and purpose I need in my life to improve my wellbeing once again.

“I have been working on my business now for some time and have lost the motivation to care for myself, focussing purely on what needs to be done for work. I find it really hard to even take part in my hobbies as there are no factors to motivate me.”

Representing Team UK at the forthcoming Invictus Games is the motivation that James is determined to maintain: “I am hoping that having the games as a motivator to keep me training, should get me back into a personal routine that I will be able to continue after the games. I have already joined a local athletics club and intend to compete with them. I haven't been to any sessions with them yet though due to work commitments.”

During the pandemic James has been running his own firm which has grown from a health and wellbeing business to a large gym and coffee shop facility. He added: “It wasn’t easy but we got it over the line. It’s been a real battle over the last 18 months but it’s given me a good focus.”

Invictus Competitor - James Stride
Invictus Competitor - James Stride - Help for Heroes