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Following a conversation with his physio in 2017, Ian, 43, was told that unless he lost weight, he would be dead by the time he was 50.

Desperate to see his children grow up, Ian took up more exercise and has set himself the target weight of 95kg by the time of the Invictus Games. 

“I have gone from the person thinking that I cannot do something to one that says: “I will give it a go”. I want to stay active so that I can see my kids grow up. I would like my children (eldest will be 11 and my twins will be nine) to see that even though life throws you some obstacles sometimes you can get over them and achieve your goals if you put your mind to it.”

Training for the Games, the former Staff Sergeant from Powys, has found a renewed confidence to socialise with his like-minded teammates. 

“Being with people that understand pain means that I don’t have to put on the brave face and smile that is permanently on my face when at work and home. You can talk frankly about things that are going on without judgement.”