Unique Fundraising Ideas

Whatever the cause, there are countless ways to achieve your fundraising goals. When it comes to raising money for charity, the more unique and engaging your fundraising ideas are, the better.

Here’s our guide to unique fundraising ideas that are perfect for all ages.

Unique fundraising events for all the family

Help for Heroes

Worm Charming

You’re probably thinking what on earth is worm charming, right? Well, this unique fundraising idea has recently become a huge hit with children, teenagers and adults alike.

A grassy area is divided up into different plots and whoever brings out the most worms in their area wins.

Help for Heroes

Guess the baby photo

If you can find enough people willing to unveil their baby photos, this a great way to add a hilarious dimension to your fundraising efforts.

Simply encourage everyone to contribute a donation and guess the baby photos. Whoever gets the most correct, wins a prize.

Help for Heroes

A bake-athon

Everyone is partial to a sweet treat from time to time and hosting your very own bake-athon or bake off is the perfect way to raise money through sponsorship and sales.

It is also a great way to involve all age groups and get creative in the kitchen.

Help for Heroes


Karaoke is often everyone’s guilty pleasure and whether you can sing or not, it’s always a great night out!

People of all ages love it and it’s super easy to plan, whether you host it at a local pub or even hire a karaoke machine and host your event in your back garden (just make sure the neighbours don’t mind).

Sell tickets for your event and ask those participating to also donate.

Active Fundraising Ideas

Help for Heroes

Dancing lessons

From Zumba lessons to Salsa lessons, encouraging people to step out of their comfort zone and learn a new dance skill is a great way to involve various people in an active and fun way to fundraise.  

Help for Heroes


Walkathons are a beneficial way to get fit and raise money at the same time. Walking is also an exercise that most people of all ages and fitness levels can get involved in. Whether you pound the city streets or steer off into the countryside, this activity really does bring everyone together for a great cause.

Help for Heroes

5K race

Hosting a 5K race is a unique fundraising event that’s perfect for the whole family. Set up a 5K race in your community and charge runners a registration fee. You could even ask local companies to sponsor your event to help cover any costs.

Help for Heroes

Walking to school for a week

When it’s freezing cold in the morning, it’s all too easy to hop in the car or ride the bus to school. In a bid to raise money for your chosen charity, why not walk to school for a week and donate the money you save to charity?

Creative fundraising ideas

Help for Heroes

Fancy dress

Who doesn’t love fancy dress? Whether you arrange a dressing up day at school or in the workplace, it’s a great way to raise money and get people laughing. 

Help for Heroes

Battle of the bands

This concept has continued to increase in popularity over the years, with many local bands hosting their very own Battle of the Bands contest in a bid to raise money for a wide range of charities.

It’s not only a great day out, but it’s also a perfect way for local bands to gain exposure and showcase their talents.

T-shirt fundraiser

Selling customised t-shirts is a perfect way to get creative while raising money for your chosen cause. Gather your friends or school class together and conjure up the most creative designs you can think of. You can then sell these t-shirts throughout the community (or even online) and donate all the profits to your chosen charity.

Help for Heroes

Talent shows

Kids love talent shows and they often prove to be a fantastic day or night out. It’s also a great way for children to showcase their talents in a public space.

Help for Heroes

Video game tournament

Kids and big kids alike are always keen to get involved with gaming tournaments. Simply ask for an entry fee and let the competition begin.

Unique sponsored fundraising events

Help for Heroes

Sponsored silence

This is easier said than done but is a fantastic way to do your bit for a cause that is close to your heart.

Simply get your friends, family and colleagues to sponsor you for an hour’s silence.

Help for Heroes

A sponsored community run

A sponsored community run is a great way to bring people together and raise money at the same time. It can also encourage community spirit and give spectators a chance to cheer on their friends and family.   

Help for Heroes

Shave your head

This is not for the faint-hearted, but if you do decide to brave the shave, it’s an incredible thing to do for charity and often leads to lots of funds being raised.

Get colleagues, friends and family to sponsor you in the lead up to the big day. People always put their hand in their pocket for this one.

Swear box

Swear boxes are starting to become a familiar site in a range of different workplaces, and they are the perfect way to encourage less swearing, whilst raising money for a good cause.

Unique community fundraising events

Help for Heroes

Charity auction

Perfect for hosting at organised fundraising events, charity auctions always get the donations pouring in.  When it comes to collecting donations, you will quickly discover that many businesses are extremely forthcoming in providing great prices to auction.

Help for Heroes

Host a film night

Who doesn’t like to kick-back and watch a good film with a huge bucket of popcorn?

Hosting your own film night is a great way to collect donations. All you will need to do is find a suitable location, hire a projector and stock up on treats to sell on the day.

Help for Heroes

Coffee mornings

Coffee mornings always go down a treat in a wide range of settings and they are a ritual that brings together people of all ages.

You could even turn your coffee morning into a bake sale too in a bid to raise extra funds.

Help for Heroes

Bingo night

Everyone loves a game of bingo and it’s always a hit with people of all ages. Whether you host it at your local social club, pub or elderly care home, this is a sure- fire way to give your fundraising a boost.

Help for Heroes

50/50 Club

The 50/50 Club has been around for years and is a concept that always attracts a lot of attention.

Each month get players to donate a pound, and at the end of the month, a name is drawn out of a hat. The winner gets half of the money raised and the other half goes to your chosen charity.

Help for Heroes

Offer a taxi service

Many of us spend a small fortune on taxis without realising, and a great way to raise funds is to offer a taxi service to your friends and family, and donate the money raised to charity.

It’s a win-win scenario, your friends will feel great that their money is going to a good cause, and you will be doing a good deed.

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