Have fun this Easter with family, friends or colleagues trying out one of our fundraising suggestions below. As well as the usual Easter bonnet and egg hunt, we’ve included some more unusual ideas. Try something a little different! 

Easter Egg Hunt

Probably the biggest and most loved fundraising idea at Easter is the egg hunt. Children and adults alike enjoy the thrill of finding chocolate eggs hidden in indoor and outdoor spaces. 

Make it a competition and hide Easter eggs in your house, garden, school or workplace.

Find easy and hard places to hide the eggs and let people hunt for them in return for a donation. If you think people might find it too difficult, create riddles and clues to help them.

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Easter Bonnet Competition

A wonderful tradition, the Easter bonnet represents wearing new clothes at Easter. Making an Easter bonnet is a popular activity, particularly among school children. Participants could accessorise an old hat or make a brand-new bonnet. 

You could charge a fee for people to take part or ask for a donation for children to enter a parade where the winner will be chosen. 

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Dress Up Day

This can be way more extreme than your usual Easter Bonnet parade. Why not put your thinking bonnet on and see where your creative mind takes you.

Become the Easter Bunny, an Easter egg, a chick etc. Invent an Easter outfit to wow your friends. Hold a competition for most outlandish or creative, or suggest an amount for people to donate to dress up.

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Easter Swim Competition

With the weather usually warming up around Easter why not hold an icy water competition? Cold water swimming has many health benefits and it’s also lots of fun. 

Hold a competition at a nearby beach close to the shore with a landmark of where people need to swim to and come back to shore. First one back wins. Have a prize for the winner and everyone else donates to take part.

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Ice Bath Competition

If you’d rather stay on terra firma, why not join in the ice bath craze that’s been made popular by Wim Hof

Choose a set number of days for your challenge, e.g. 30 days, and then sit in an ice bath for say 30 seconds each day. 

Ask your friends and family to sponsor you or hold a competition and all do it in the same month, collecting donations.  

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Clothes Swap

Spring clean your wardrobe and raise money for our Armed Forces community with a twist. Rather than spending time taking photos of your clothes and listing them on an app, ask your friends to do a clothes swap with you or hold a rail sale.  

Everyone gathers up their unwanted clothes and you get together to sell your clothes to each other with all proceeds going to veterans. You could make it broader and include toys and books too. Good for you, good for the environment and good for our Armed Forces community. Win-win! 

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Easter Bake-Off

Instead of a traditional bake sale why not host an Easter themed bake-off. Hold the competition with your friends or neighbours or even bake virtually with your laptops on the worktop. Have different categories such as cakes, fruit breads, hot cross buns, even an Easter showstopper and offer prizes for winners of each category.

Discover if any local businesses could sponsor the event or offer donations for prizes. For added fundraising you could charge participants an entry fee. At the end of it all you could sell your creations as part of a bake sale or auction them for added fundraising. 

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Easter Sports Day

What about holding an Easter-themed sports day? Get your friends and family together and take part in a variety of outdoor activities. 

You could go to your local park with a picnic and have a rounders match, an egg and spoon race, three-legged ‘bunny-hop’ race, hard-boiled egg rolling race or use the eggs to play lawn bowls. You could include the traditional Easter egg hunt here too.

This is a great event for all the family. Hold the competition for individuals or take part as a family with the winners getting a trophy prize at the end of the day. Charge participants an admission fee. A guaranteed fun day out.

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Easter Themed Quiz

A quiz night is one of the best fundraisers so why not hold one with an Easter theme? Approach your local pub or club to see if they would host the event and donate the proceeds. 

You can either think of you own questions and categories (think Easter films, TV, music, food, nature, art, books, the list is endless) or get some inspiration from the internet. 

To make the most of your fundraiser, entice quizzers with fabulous prizes and ask local businesses to donate them.

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Spring Face Painting

As the weather gets warmer, and more events take place outside, why not offer your services at places such as local fetes, children’s parties, craft fairs or car boot sales. 

At Easter, you’ll be inundated with requests for Easter bunnies. Be creative and offer other ideas such as spring flowers, lambs, chicks, bumble bees, butterflies, ladybirds and Easter eggs to appeal to the masses. 

Charge a fee for each painting and donate the money to the Armed Forces community.

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Easter Auction

Another popular fundraising idea is to hold an auction. Easter is a great time to offer your services to kick start some springtime activities. If you’re part of a local group, even better, get everyone involved to help the local community.

Offer spring cleaning outside with activities such as lawn mowing, weeding, bulb planting, garden clearing, window and guttering cleaning and outdoor furniture cleaning, or bring it inside and clean skirting boards, windows, vents, light fixtures, kitchen cupboards, or even the oven which many people don’t like to do.

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Easter Karaoke Night

Hold an Easter themed Karaoke. Choose worship, gospel, and spiritual songs alongside more mainstream tunes. From traditional songs like ‘Hallelujah’, ‘Blessed Redeemer’, ‘When You Believe’ and ‘How Great Thou Art’ to tunes like 'Easter Parade' and ‘Here Comes Peter Cottontail’. 

Come up with a list to share with your friends or family and then hold a karaoke evening at your house or at the local pub. Take donations per song and maybe have prizes for best and worst singer of the night. That’s bound to make people want to take part.

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Why Fundraise for Help for Heroes?

Life can be difficult when a military career comes to an end.  

We help the Armed Forces community live well after service. 

We help people with their physical and mental health needs, and we support them with their welfare issues, such as money, housing, job and benefit applications. 

Fundraising makes a big difference to the lives of veterans and their families. And they need your support more than ever. 

Your fundraising helps us to support people with the skills, confidence and knowledge to live well in the civilian world. 

Made Your Decision?

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Need More Ideas?

If none of these suggestions are floating your boat, why not check out some of our other fundraising ideas for inspiration.