Halloween is a time when you can really get creative and go all out with entertaining your fundraiser activities to support veterans and their families to live well after service. Here are some Halloween charity ideas to sink your teeth into...

Pumpkin carving

A traditional Halloween activity loved by children (and adults!) of all ages. Bring your school or local neighbourhood together with a pumpkin carving competition. Charge an entry fee and encourage everyone to display their entries in their front window or garden ready for judging, with a small prize for the winner. Or get work colleagues involved by asking them to take photos of their spooky creations, then put the winner to the staff vote.

Top tip: Many pumpkin carving patterns can be downloaded from the internet for free.

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Decorate your porch

Bring a buzz to your street this autumn. Ask your neighbours to decorate their porches, front windows or front gardens in the spirit of Halloween and get everyone involved in judging the winner. Each house pays an entry fee to get involved and the most creative décor wins a prize.

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Spooky trivia

A spooky virtual quiz is simple to organise and fun for all age groups. Choose questions that are Halloween themed and ask friends and family, work colleagues or schoolmates to pay an entry fee. Don’t forget to prepare a prize or award for the winner. When thinking about themes and questions think scary movies, spooky television shows and classic horror novels. Or how about Halloween anagrams like this one

Moneybag (Keep an eye out for this monstrous figure!)

Answer: Bogeyman

Top tip: To raise even more money, why not impose fines on anyone caught cheating, or perhaps on the losers!

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Scary fancy dress

Persuade your fellow students or even your colleagues to have a Halloween dress-up day at school or at work. Ask them to make a suggested donation of £2, with a prize for the best fancy dress. Whether you’re working in the office or from home, this is a fun way to feel connected and break up the week. After all, who doesn’t want to see their boss turning up in the office or popping up on screen in full costume.

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Golfing ghouls

Know some budding golfers? Why not hold a Halloween Charity Golf Day. We’re sure you can get creative with your golf attire and still comply with club rules. You can also check out our other blog all about fundraising at your golf club.

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The great Halloween bake off

A perfect school or work fundraiser. Remember to appeal well in advance for donations of Halloween themed cakes and biscuits – and raise money for our heroes by asking everyone to donate in exchange for a treat!

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Spooky movie marathon

Halloween, Haunted Mansion, Hocus Pocus...what's your favourite spooky movie? With so many spooktacular films, why not hold your own spooky movie marathon. Invite your friends, family, colleagues to share in the freakiness. Charge an entry fee, donations for movie choices, scary snacks, even the best seats in the house.

You'll be supporting some members of the Armed Forces community that need our help more than others...all while having a little fun. So, dust off that white sheet and get those face paints at the ready.

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Haunted House experience

Remember haunted houses at the fayre? Well why not create your very own! This could be done at a school, office, village hall, or even your own home. You could get your classmates, work colleagues, local community or just your friends and family involved to construct it and star in it too and be monsters, mad professors, you name it. You could even make up a story why your 'house' is haunted (unless it really is of course). 

Make sure you plan and promote your experience well in advance and if you can, create tickets to send or give in return for a donation. You could also place buckets (or even cauldrons) around the 'house' as donation points.

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Made Your Decision?

If you’ve decided on your Halloween fundraiser, that's spooktacular! Register, and we’ll get things moving for you. 

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Need More Ideas?

If none of these suggestions are shaking your bones, why not check out some of our other fundraising ideas for inspiration.

Why fundraise for Help for Heroes?

Help for Heroes supports veterans and their families to live well after service.  

Life can be very difficult for members of the Armed Forces community when they leave the military. 

Veterans and their families still need your support. Your fundraising can make a big difference.

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