If you’re looking to organise a golf day for charity or get your golf club members together for a golf-themed fundraising event, look no further. Here are 15 fundraising ideas to tee off with.

1. Family fun day

Open up the golf club for a day of family fun. You can raise some money by setting up some stalls with all the classic fairground games like Hook a Duck, or a coconut shy for £1 per go. How about a face painting competition with an entry fee? And don’t forget the food and drink stalls. It's sure to be a tee-riffic day for all.

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2. Pitch and putt

Everyone can have a go at pitch and putt. As well as being a fun golf club fundraiser for all the family, it’s a great way to encourage more people to give golf a try. 

To get the donations rolling in you can decide on a price per hole or a donation amount per hour. 

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3. Crazy golf

Crazy golf is always a hit. 

You can hire crazy golf courses, or you could even attempt to construct your own. Get donations flowing with a crazy golf competition and see who completes the course in the fewest shots.

If you decide you want some homemade crazy golf holes, how about you invite competitors to create some and bring them along? Bonus points can be awarded for the best ones.

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4. Golf tournament

You can make a golf tournament a fun experience for all whilst raising money for charity. Sign up as many groups as you can and open the club for friends and family to come and cheer them on.

Several golf clubs have held events just like this, like Ferndown Golf Club in Dorset. The club holds an annual Help for Heroes charity golf day. Running for over a decade, the club has raised around £120,000. Our previous Charity of the Year partners Notts Sport and our long-term partner Cotton Traders have also teed off at local golf clubs for a fantastic fundraising day.  

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5. Hire a caddy

Nobody wants to carry around all their heavy golf equipment all day. So put the word out for some volunteers to become a caddy for one day only. 

In return for a donation, the players can get their very own caddy so they really feel like a pro for the day.

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6. Golf lessons 

Fundraise at your golf club whilst inspiring the next generation! 

Hire a professional or ask some members to conduct lessons for young aspiring golfers in return for a donation.

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7. Hole in one challenge

A hole in one is the dream of every golfer. Allocate a fixed number of golf balls per donation amount and see who can give it their best shot. You can also challenge participants to get birdies, eagles, albatrosses and condors at each hole.

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8. Golf equipment raffle

A raffle is one of the most well-known ways to raise money for charity. Ask members of the golf club, friends and family to donate their unwanted equipment and clothing. Why not put some golf club merch and golf lessons in the mix too?

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9. All day golf challenge

This one isn’t for the faint hearted. The most enthusiastic members of the club can attempt an all-day golf ultra challenge. That's four rounds - 72 holes - in just one day. Participants can raise money individually, or together as a group. Don’t forget the sun cream!

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10. Half day golf challenge

If four rounds of golf sounds like a bit of a stretch, how about just the two? This 36-hole challenge will prove to be an un-fore-gettable achievement for all the fundraisers involved. Participants can set up their own fundraising targets and raise a lot of money for charity. 

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11. Golf cart refreshments

Put the golf carts to good use and serve up some tasty snacks to your golfers. You could even grab some flags and give the cart a Help for Heroes makeover. With drinks in the ice box at the ready, you’re bound to get plenty of takers. Of course, if you plan to serve up some alcoholic beverages, make sure drinking responsibly is encouraged.

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12. Sell mulligans for donations

Like Happy Gilmore, do you wish you could take that shot again? One of the simplest fundraisers you can do at your golf club is to sell mulligans. These re-do shots will come in handy for golfers at all levels.

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13. Golfing awards

Need an excuse to get your glad rags on? Host a golf awards ceremony. 

A day of golf, followed by a glamorous dinner and awards event. Need some ideas for your awards? How about ‘Longest drive’, ‘Golfer of the day’, ‘Best putt’ or ‘Best Dressed’.

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14. Fancy dress golf

Talking of best dressed, why not ditch the tank tops and capri pants for a day in place of some fancy dress?

Encourage the all-out wild and wacky and give out some prizes at the end of the day. Make sure to speak to the golf club management if you’re a club member organising this event. You’ll need their permission to have a dress code-free day.

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15. Golf quiz

Who doesn’t love a good quiz? Select a quiz master and gather your teammates. It's time to get quizzing!

You can have a quiz themed around golf, sports in general, or whatever takes your fancy. Ask for a set donation amount per person or per team, or just have a donation pot at the door for quizzers to give what they can.

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Feeling inspired?

If any of these ideas have inspired you to arrange your own fundraising event at your golf club, then you can find out more information and register your own event on our Do Your Own Fundraising page. We’ll support you every step of the way, so get in touch with us if you have any questions as you set about organising your tee-riffic golf day.