Not sure where to start with your fundraising this summer? Don’t worry, we’ve been busy putting the FUN into fundraising ideas for you.

From sizzling barbecues to golf tournaments; bake sales, backyard festivals and teddy bear picnics – whatever you choose to do, give it your all and rest assured that however much you raise, you’ll be providing valuable support to veterans and their families across the country.

Get inspired by some of the ideas below and register your summer fundraiser today.

Give... it a sizzle

This summer’s going to be a banger. Bring your friends, family and neighbours together for a sizzling summer barbecue. Charge entry on the way in for an ‘all you can eat and drink’ affair or accept donations for every hot dog and burger that tingles your guest’s tastebuds.

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Give... it a whisk

The best thing about cake is that you can enjoy it all year round. But with berries, cherries, lemon-curd and cream all on the menu – summer is surely the most delicious baking season. Set up a stall to sell your own culinary creations or channel your ‘inner Mary Berry’ and judge your friends and neighbours’ Bake Off abilities.

These baking recipes are guaranteed to get your mouth watering.

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Give... it some welly

It’s time to get your hands dirty. Venture out into the garden, make your way to your local allotment, or position a pot or two on your windowsill. Raise money by selling plants you’ve grown from seed; set up a ‘best in show’ fruit, flower and veg event; or challenge your green-fingered friends to a ‘tallest sunflower’ growing competition.

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Give... it a wiggle

Did someone say dance-a-thon? Showcase strictly your best dance moves with a non-stop sponsored boogie-fest this summer. You’ll need to be a ‘funky chicken’ if you’re going to foxtrot your way through the ‘Night Fever’ and waltz away with the title of ‘King (or Queen) of the Dancefloor’.

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Give... it some volume

Transform your backyard into your own Worthy Farm this summer and enlist your most musical mates as the entertainment! Relax with some chilled-out vibes or pump up the volume with a ‘Battle of the Bands’. Add in good food, plenty of drink, and donations towards a great cause and you’re certain to have a great time… we can’t promise it won’t rain though!

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Give... a Hero Bear picnic

If you go down to the woods today… you might just bump into a friend of ours. Teddy bear picnics are great for getting children involved in charity. Exchange donations for spots at the picnic or invite friends to sponsor their favourite bear. Most importantly, don’t forget to pack everyone’s favourite foods – we hear Hero Bear is partial to a bit of cheese and pickle.

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Give... it a clear out

Spring cleaning is so last year. Fill up the car and head to a local boot-sale or host a summer sale in your own front garden to get rid of your unwanted gear and raise money for a great cause. Don’t fancy holding a one-day event? Pop over to eBay, Shpock, or any similar site, and hold an online sale instead.

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Give... it your all

Feeling sporty this summer? There are so many ways to keep fit while raising money for our veterans. Cool off in the pool, completing as many sponsored lengths as you can; chase the birdie at a charity golf tournament; or try something completely new – like running, climbing, or even trampolining – and bring a mate along. This is a great one to get kids active this summer, too.

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Give... it the chop

Ice-lollies and hand-held fans will only take you so far in the baking hot sun. But there is a more cutting-edge way to stay cool this summer – chop it all off! We’re talking about hair, obviously. Get sponsored to shave yours off, or if you’re not quite ready to part with your locks, you could always show your support for Help for Heroes by dying your hair red or blue instead.

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Give... it some drama

You won’t need your running shoes for this movie marathon. Set up a projector screen outside to make the most of warmer weather or enjoy the show with friends and family across the country (or the globe) on a group-watch. Charge entry on the door, and don’t forget the popcorn… and maybe bring some coffee to take you through those late-night showings.

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Give... it a rest

Now, we’d never tell anyone to shut up… unless they were doing it to raise money of course. Take your own vow of silence or challenge your children or chattiest mates to keep the peace for a day. If it isn’t the amount, but the type of language you’re known for, you could always fine yourself for every naughty word with a ‘swear jar’ instead.

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If you’d like to chat to one of our friendly team about your fundraising plans, please call 0300 303 9888 or email – we’d love to hear from you.