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Home Workouts

Keeping up with your fitness and mobility is more important than ever as we face ongoing restrictions due to Covid-19.

That is why we have digitally adapted our sports recovery offer to enable us to provide you with a form of support. Here, you can access a 12-week progressive video series to get you back into your fitness training. These videos cover:

  • Circuits

  • Mobility

  • Yoga


Whether you are a beginner to sports or are already fitness mad, these videos will be suitable for you, whatever your injury or illness.

The videos will start with simple, familiar exercises before adding some complexity and challenging to really make mobility and fitness gains and learn how to keep them.  Each video will build on the last, becoming more demanding week-by-week as your fitness improves. By taking part in this series, you will soon notice real improvements in your fitness levels.

These videos are designed to be completed at your own pace and remember, take a rest if needed.

Home Workouts

Mobility - Home Workouts

Join Matt Scarsbrook as he guides you through a brilliant mobility workout you can do at home.

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Yoga for Wellbeing - Recovery College

Yoga - Home Workouts

Join Lauren O'Sullivan and Francesca Bingley as they guide you through an amazing yoga workout you can do at home!

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