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Hold a Funeral or Memorial Collection

Holding a funeral collection can help people say goodbye and pay their respects

Asking friends and family to contribute in memory of your loved one can be a wonderful and positive way to bring everyone together at a very sad time. And knowing their donations will support a cause that was important to your loved one can bring comfort and hope to everyone involved.   

In recent years it has become more common to ask for donations instead of flowers at a funeral. Whether this is the family’s decision or something the deceased stipulated in their Will, funeral collections can play an important part in helping those left behind to pay their respects.


How do I register a funeral collection for Help for Heroes?

We appreciate this can be a painful and difficult time and we are here to make the process as simple as possible.

If you are arranging a funeral or memorial service and would like to hold a collection, please call our Supporter Care Team on 0300 303 9888 or email

Our team will register your collection and answer any questions you may have. They can explain how to make online donations and provide the details for anyone wanting to give over the phone or through the post.

We can also arrange for you to receive a supply of our remembrance collection envelopes if these would be helpful.

Registering your collection helps us identify donations and record them as being in memory of your loved one, so please do get in touch. We are here to help.


How can people donate to a funeral collection?

As the coronavirus pandemic continues, we appreciate the current restrictions on funeral attendance and social gatherings mean you may not be able to commemorate your loved one in the way that you, and they, might have wanted. Our thoughts are with you during these extraordinary times.

Whether you’re sending in a collection or making a donation because you’re unable to attend the service, here are the details you, your friends and family will need to make a donation.

  • To donate over the phone: call our friendly and helpful Supporter Care Team on 0300 303 9888.

  • To donate online: visit and click on the Donate in Memory button. Please be sure to let us know your gift is in memory, and your loved one’s name, so we can record your tribute.

  • To donate by cheque: please send your donation to Help for Heroes, 14 Parkers Close, Downton Business Centre, Downton, Salisbury, SP5 3RB.

Please enclose a covering letter letting us know who you are commemorating and, if possible, the name of the individual or funeral director who is organising the collection. This will help us make sure your gift is added to the right collection.


What is a Hero Fund remembrance page?

To support your funeral service or memorial collection, and in the absence of large gatherings at the moment, you may find it helpful to create Hero Fund in the name and memory of your loved one.

With a Hero Fund you can create a personalised remembrance page as somewhere friends and family can get together to pay their respects, donate and join you in loving tribute.

You’ll be able to see who’s contributed and read their messages of support, while watching your memorial grow with each gift. Offline donations can be added to the fund too, so those who cannot give online can feel involved.

To find out more, visit our Hero Funds page  or call our Supporter Care Team on 0300 303 9888 and ask to speak to Beth Brook.


How do I let people know about my collection?

Once you’ve created your online fundraising page or registered your collection, the next step is to share the details with others. Email and social media are quick and easy ways to let people know your wishes, while some families prefer to include announcement cards in written invitations.

If you’re publishing your loved one’s funeral details in the local newspaper or in a parish or community newsletter, remember to specify that you’d like donations to your chosen charity.

When inviting people to the service or sharing the sad news of your loved one’s death, please don’t be afraid to tell people about the collection and why it’s important to you. Many people are unsure what to say or do in the aftermath of a death, so you might find friends are relieved to learn how they can support you and show they care.


What should I do if someone gives me cash?

As part of their precautions against the spread of coronavirus, many members of the funeral profession are asking families not to seek cash donations at present.

If you find yourself being given cash or cheques, please contact our Supporter Care Team on 0300 3030 9888 and they will be able to help you.


Memorial collections

Some families like to arrange a memorial collection instead of, or as well as, a funeral collection.

For some, this offers an opportunity to bring people together after the initial shock of a loved one’s death has passed. For others it can provide a chance to share memories with people who couldn’t make the funeral service itself; perhaps because they live overseas or because pandemic restrictions prevented them.

Memorial events and collections are also a positive way to mark special occasions such anniversaries, or involve a passed hero in milestone family moments such as weddings and Christmas.   

To organise a memorial collection, please call our Supporter Care Team on 0300 303 9888 or email