Holding a pub fundraiser is a great way to raise money for charity. And there are lots of different activities you can try. Here are 10 of our favourite charity fundraising ideas for pubs to get you on your way. So, grab a pint and let’s hop in!

1. Battle of the Bands

Are you ready to rock? Give this tried and tested fundraiser a go.

Invite some local bands to take to the stage for an evening of musical entertainment. While each band plays a short set, the audience votes for their favourite in return for a small donation. If you're aiming for a higher fundraising target, consider charging an entry fee at the door or when guests book ahead.

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2. Pub crawl

Team up with other local pubs for a charity pub crawl. Plot out a route and pick a theme (how about Club Tropicana, Retro or Celebrity look-alike?). That means fancy dress and pub decoration is a must! Try to include as many pubs as you can.

Sell tickets for the fundraiser and raise money at each pub. Put out some donation buckets or sell specific products where some money from the sale goes towards your charity pot.

This is just what our partners Alf Turner Butchers are doing by raising money with the sales of their pork scratchings. They are calling on pubs to support them by stocking their pork scratchings and helping them to reach their fundraising target of £100,000.

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3. Fancy dinner night

Time to pop some bubbly and roll out the red carpet. For one night only, bring the glitz and the glamour to your pub and host a fancy dinner night.

Sell tickets beforehand and inform your guests of the formal dress code. That means bow ties and ballgowns at the ready. Create a sparkling three-course menu fit for the stars and make sure your guests feel like VIPs when they attend this showstopping black-tie event. It might be a good idea to use our logo on your menu so everyone knows what the event is raising money for.

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4. Bingo night

Knock on the door, at number four we have an absolute classic. A favourite with all the family, a bingo night is a sure way to get the donations flowing in. Advertise the event ahead of time and ask for donations in return for an entry ticket.

Make sure to follow all the rules for this one. You can find out more information about bingo for fundraising on the Gambling Commission website.

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5. Pub Sports


Who’s up for some darts? If your pub has a dart board and some darts already then there’s not much else required for this one. Put out the word and gather the best dart players to step up to the oche.


What about a snooker or pool competition? If you’ve got the table and equipment handy, then you just need some customers with a competitive edge to get going.

Beer pong

If your pub isn’t kitted out for these events, then why not hold a beer pong competition? You don’t have to fill the cups with beer. Use some soft drinks instead so kids can join in too. Just make sure to ask the landlord if you can play the game first.

Ask for a donation to take part and put out the word. It’s game on!

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6. Pub Quiz

Probably the most common pub-based event that runs regularly throughout the year, the much-loved pub quiz. If you already run a regular quiz night, why not make one week a charity fundraiser and raise some money to support the Armed Forces community?

If you need a hand with the questions, then you can use our free quizzes, which we have produced and included in our Fundraising Tools. You will be sent a link to access these tools once you have registered your fundraiser.

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7. Open mic

Another classic pub event is the open mic night. Whether it’s stand up, music or poetry, decide on the number of slots available and ask for a donation in return for a turn with the mic. Make sure you have all the equipment required (you might need more than the microphone for musicians). Discover new talent and have a fun night whilst fundraising for charity.

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8. Wine Tasting

Invite customers to come along and try a variety of wines in return for a donation. Perhaps you have some local wines you can provide? Ask an expert (or enthusiastic wine lover) to provide some fun facts while they sample the beverages. Don’t forget the cheese!

And it doesn’t have to be wine. How about a gin tasting night? Or is whisky more your thing? If you run multiple events focusing on a different type of drink each time, there is bound to be something for everyone.

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9. Cocktail-making competition

Give your customers the chance to get behind the bar and see who can mix up the best beverage. You can choose to have your contestants create a different type of cocktail per round, for example, round one: whisky cocktail, round two: gin cocktail, round three: rum cocktail. How about including the best mocktail too? Prizes can be awarded for best beverage and runners-up. Remember to drink responsibly.

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10. Movie night

Swap the sports channels for a film-athon. Choose a movie classic and invite the locals, their friends and families to come along to watch. You could even encourage attendees to dress up like characters from the film. Make sure you’ve got everything in place for this. Most importantly, if you don’t already have one, you will need a licence to be able to screen the film.

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Feeling inspired?

If any of these ideas have inspired you to do your own pub fundraiser, then register it now. Go on...brew can do it!

Please remember to drink responsibly and follow any of the necessary rules required for some of the ideas above.