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Charity Fundraising Ideas for Schools

Non- Uniform Day

Tried and tested and loved by pupils everywhere!  In return for a donation, wear your own clothes to school. Make it even more fun by setting a theme -  come dressed as your favourite hero or Disney character. Or, when Halloween is around the corner, come dressed in your scariest attire!


Coin Drive

Decide on the value of the coin you are going to collect, for example, 5 pence or 20 pence, and simply gather donations from friends and family, teachers, and neighbours - everyone you know!  Involve your class or even the whole school. You could even give a prize to whoever raises the most money.


Give Something Up

Encourage children to choose something to give up, such as sweets, fizzy drinks or crisps for a week or a month and encourage them to ask friends and family to sponsor them.


Spelling Bee Competition

Make a simple spelling test fun by holding a competition between teams or individuals, asking for a small donation to enter the competition.


Hold a Talent Show

Perhaps one of your pupils thinks she should be the next Kylie, or thinks he should be in Diversity? Hold a talent contest for them to showcase their singing, dancing, acting or magic skills! You could make it ‘TV Show’ style by nominating judges to pick the winners.


Whole-school or Parent-led Events

Why not hold a fundraising event or day. The possibilities are endless but here are a few of our favourite ideas: 

  • Hold a bake sale and see who can raise the most money

  • Recycle unwanted items by encouraging pupils to bring in books or games they’ve finished reading or playing and offer them for sale to their classmates. Get parents involved and run a table-top sale in the playground

  • Run an arty competition for pupils to create artwork based around a fun theme.

Act of Kindness

  • Get your class or even the whole school involved in ‘donating’ acts of kindness: household chores, litter picking, car washing or singing songs in a nursing home, to name but a few. This is a great way to support our heroes and the local community at the same time.



Hero Kids is a dynamic new set of educational activities designed to encourage charitable giving, teamwork and shared values, whilst giving pupils a true understanding of how we help those who have sustained injuries and illnesses while serving in the British Armed Forces. Our lesson plans aim to empower children to see beyond illness and injury, help them understand the importance of purpose, encourage them to reach their potential and inspire them to have a positive impact on society. The lesson plans have been created for KS2 children and can be adapted for younger or older children. We also have activities that have been created specifically for younger children.

What makes a good fundraising event for kids?

If you want to hold a successful fundraising event for kids, it needs to be engaging, fun, safe and rewarding. From sports tournaments and obstacle courses, to readathons and non-uniform days, a good fundraising event for kids needs to be well-organised and promoted to both kids and parents. It’s also important to that being involved is inexpensive, which will ensure everyone can get involved and that your event reaches a wider audience.


How long should a fundraising event for kids last?

Fundraising events for kids don’t have or need a set time period. Of course, if it’s during school hours, it’s beneficial to host the event during only part of the day. As long as the event is engaging, there’s no reason it can’t be a day-long event.


How to organise a charity event for kids?

Before you begin planning the actual event, you need to have fundraising goal and budget in place. Once you’ve established this, you can then choose your activities for fundraising and gather volunteers, staff and contributors to plan and set up the event in advance. You need to consider what activities will be on offer - will there be food? Will there be entertainment? Is there an itinerary? When you have completed the organisation your event, you need to promote it.


How to promote a charity event for kids?

To ensure children and their parents are prepared for a fundraising event, you need to make sure they’re aware of it in the first place. You can send out flyers or letters, as well as sending a press release to local press and sharing the event through social media. When you promote your event, you need to remember to include who, what, when, where and how.