What is Hero Kids?

Hero Kids is a dynamic set of educational activities designed to encourage charitable giving, teamwork and shared values while giving pupils a true understanding of how we help those who have sustained injuries and illnesses while serving in the British Armed Forces.

How does Hero Kids work?

Our lesson plans aim to empower children to see beyond illness and injury, help them understand the importance of ‘purpose’, encourage them to reach their potential and inspire them to have a positive impact on society.

The lesson plans have been created for KS2 children and can be adapted for younger or older children. We also have activities that have been created specifically for younger children, too.

The Hero Kids activities offer our children a lot of opportunities to talk and show empathy, and we have seen a side to them which we haven’t before. I just wish we had known about this sooner!” 

Holy Family School


Get in touch

We can support any fundraising activities with promotional items, such as balloons, bunting and stickers. 

Please contact us on 0300 303 9888 or fundraise@helpforheroes.org.uk for more details.