Do you miss taking part in sport? 

Do you miss being in a team?

Would you like to be more active?

If so, we can help.

We run a wide range of exciting sporting activities across the UK for veterans and families.

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If you’d like to find out about sporting and social events near you, reach out to us and ask for help.

The power of sport

Sport can change lives.

There are few better feelings than to throw yourself into the race, the swim, the match, or by lifting those weights.

Pushing yourself further than you ever thought possible.

Showing the world what you’re capable of.

Sport will give you a chance to harness that warrior spirit and determination, that was a big part of who you were in the military.

Giving everyone a sporting chance

Our Sport, Activity and Fellowship teams are out in force helping people back into the sport they love. And helping people try something new.

If you’d like to take sport seriously to compete, we can get you into a club. Nothing much compares to that feeling of camaraderie. We can help you enjoy that again.

If you’d like to take it a bit easier, we have more gentle sporting and activity sessions.

Whatever your ability, confidence and interests, we’re sure we’ll have something for you, wherever you are in the UK. Including adaptive sports.

It’s also a great chance to meet other veterans and families.

Staying active, feeling great

Staying physically active can help you feel good in many ways.

It can help you sleep better, manage physical pain, lift your mood, and boost your self-confidence.

The athletics track, the swimming pool, the tennis court, or the gym, can be great places to get rid of life’s stresses.

What we offer

We give people the chance to get into a number of sports, including

  • cycling
  • diving
  • surfing
  • archery
  • running
  • strength and conditioning challenges
  • fell walking
  • wheelchair rugby
  • paddle boarding
  • open water swimming
  • rowing
  • gym sessions
  • kayaking.

We run residential trips, skills development programmes, family activities, taster sessions, and one-to-one support.

We can help you find a sporting challenge to push yourself. We even have our own Help for Heroes teams across the UK.

Our activities are indoors, outdoors, in the community, and even online. We have teams and activities in every part of the UK.

The activities on offer vary across each region. All activities are open to everyone.

Get in touch

If you’d like to find out about sporting and social events near you, reach out to us and ask for help.