We’re so proud of all the men and women we’ve worked with who represented Team UK at the Invictus Games.

These exceptional people showed the same grit, determination and passion that they showed when they served their country.

The Invictus Games are an inspiring display of how sport can lift people out of the darkest of places and put them on top of the world.

We worked with Team UK at the first Invictus Games in London in 2014, and through the next four games.

We helped athletes prepare for and arrive at the Games. We cheered them on with all our hearts. We celebrated their victories. We helped them home and supported them afterwards.

We won’t be directly involved with future Invictus Games. The Ministry of Defence accepted a proposal from the Royal British Legion to work with Team UK for the next five years.

We wish everyone involved the very best of luck, and we look forward to watching and celebrating all the successes.

Thank you to the men and women from Team UK for the memories that will last a lifetime.

We are now tremendously excited and determined to deliver plans to get even more veterans and families into sport. We are passionate that as many people as possible can enjoy sport’s life-changing benefits.

Our teams are already out in force in communities across the UK giving veterans and their families the opportunity to take part in a wide range of sports. We’re getting people back into gyms, out onto the water, out onto the track, onto tennis courts, badminton courts, basketball courts.

We are ramping up our sport offer, so that wherever people are on their recovery journey, whatever their ability and confidence, we can help them get back into sport.

We are providing access to a wide range of adaptive sports. We are helping people into clubs. People are competing again. People are finding that camaraderie again. People are finding their passion, determination and spirit again. For sport and for life.

Whatever people’s goals are with sport, we will support them.

We might be able to help people on the path to future Invictus Games.

In the meantime, here’s a look back at some of those wonderful Invictus memories that we will cherish forever…

You can register your interest for the 2023 Invictus Games by contacting The Royal British Legion.