Social activities

There is a special bond between people who have served in the military. The same is true for families of veterans.

That’s why we run activities across the UK so that veterans and families can spend time together.

Our activities are a great chance for people to chat, share their worries, relax, and have a laugh.

We deliver activities in communities across the UK. Some are online. All are free.

Sometimes, it’s not easy meeting new people or trying a new activity. Our team will be on hand to support you, whatever you might need.

We're confident that when you take that first step to get involved, you won’t look back.

You can meet others who understand what life was like in the Armed Forces. What life is like afterwards. And what it’s like for families.

You could take part in model making, painting, cultural visits, history groups, cookery, photography, family days and nature walks. You might prefer to go for a brew and a chat or join a breakfast club.

Videos from our social events

Here you can sample a few videos from the events we put on for veterans and their families that we support.

Fun and wellbeing by the lake

Are you new to Help For Heroes and looking to start your journey through activities within your community? You'll need to go through our ask for help process - don't worry, our support team will be in touch and they'll guide you through the process to sign up.

Band of Brothers and Sisters

Are you active on social media? Our Band of Brothers and Band of Sisters Facebook groups are a chance to meet other veterans and families online. It’s a chance to join a community of like-minded people.

While it’s monitored during the day only, the group strives to be a supportive and positive community where people connect and share experiences.

For updates about the Charity please visit our official Facebook page.

Ana, who is the wife of Army veteran Derek, said: “Through the Charity we’ve met so many other veterans and family members going through similar experiences, and that’s been a huge source of support for us both.”

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