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Jen Warren

Categories: Pip Athlete

Veteran Army Major Dr Jen Warren served in the RAMC in hospitals across the UK, Germany and Afghanistan before a skiing accident left her wheelchair-bound and limited use of her left leg.

A multiple Gold medal winner at the Invictus Games in cycling, athletics and swimming, she has chosen to concentrate on canoeing.

“It’s such an honour to participate in such a prestigious programme. I have really struggled with self-belief so I hope the practical experience of a Paralympics without the stress of competition will help me realise my full potential.

I’ve always enjoyed sport and lead an active life whilst serving. I participated in team sports but a fear of failure stopped me enjoying competing as an individual.  After my accident, sport took on a whole new meaning and I started to really enjoy competing. It was an outlet for frustration and an effective coping mechanism as well as getting me physically fitter enabling me to cope better and enjoy life more.”

In 2017, Jen was approached by the GB Paracanoe team and invited to a talent ID day. She had not been in a canoe since school but her experience of injury and disability taught her never to turn down an opportunity.

“I went along fully expecting to be told thanks but you’re not what we’re looking for. To my amazement, I was invited back and haven’t looked back. I have genuinely found a sport I love and I’m excited about my future potential. I was selected for my first World Championships in 2017 but unfortunately, injury meant I was unable to actually compete. This was an incredibly difficult experience but just motivates me to work harder. It is my dream to represent GB at a Paralympic Games and I’m really excited about what I can learn from the pinnacle of parasport

Sport brings so much to my life. It keeps me fit and active which not only helps my physical and mental health but also enables me to look after my daughter with confidence – and keep up with her!”