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Annette Laurie

Categories: Remembrance

Annette Laurie on Dartmoor with her dog

Veteran Annette Laurie, former Royal Navy and Royal Naval Reserves Chief Petty Officer, spent a combined 26 years in both services. After being the personal target of two suicide bombers and bullying within the service, Annette sought help for her physical disabilities, but was also diagnosed with PTSD. 

In September 2010, Annette left the service, and in 2016 she approached Help for Heroes for support, requiring assistance with her physical disabilities, not realising initially that she was suffering mental health issues as well.

In 2008 and 2009 Annette was serving in the Middle East and became a target for two suicide bombers, because she was “a white, military woman”. This incident, coupled with bullying within the service led to Annette being diagnosed with PTSD in November 2019.

Now, Annette is coping with her issues, thanks to the support of our Recovery team.

She said: “I have learned to breathe and find my space – which is mainly beside water. This can be half an hour sat beside a stream, or on a beach or going out kayaking or something.”



Annette sees Remembrance as a chance to honour friends who she served with who never made it home.

“To me, Remembrance means remembering my grandfather who fought at Ypres and was one of the few who came home from the Queens Own Cameron Highlanders, remembering the Private who died there and who is remembered in my limited edition RBL poppy, made from the earth and spent shell casings at Passchendaele.

“It’s also remembering friends who died and were affected both in the Falklands and the middle East but also all those who never got better and couldn’t face life anymore – they should never have felt alone.

This November, Annette is marching with a small group of veterans from the charity as part of the Remembrance Day activities at the Cenotaph.

“I want to march with Help for Heroes as I have never been to the Cenotaph either to march or otherwise before and I feel so strongly for this Charity that has helped me to start to rebuild a life away from one that I have kept hidden for so long, I am always wanting to give something back and if I can make you proud by representing you then that’s good enough for me.”

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