Chloe's story

After leaving the Armed Forces because of bullying and complex PTSD, civilian life soon became tough for Chloe, an Army veteran of 22 years.


Chloe experienced depression and sensory overload. Her father then passed away and she split from her partner. 

“I struggled to get out of bed. I didn’t want to shower or leave the house.

“I felt worthless and lost all my self-confidence. I was alone in the world with no family. My closest friends lived on the other side of the world or were still serving.

“I was suicidal and didn’t know where to turn. I needed help. So, I called Help for Heroes, and I’m so glad I did.

“I was assigned a case manager and referred to the Hidden Wounds team for mental health support. My psychologist was amazing. As was the support from my case manager Jock, and my clinical lead, Fletch, who helps with my physical healthcare. They made regular calls to check in on me.

I was suicidal and didn’t know where to turn. I needed help. So, I called Help for Heroes, and I’m so glad I did.”



“Their weekly virtual get togethers have given me a social life. I’ve enjoyed walks, kayaking, archery and segway sessions, which were hilarious. We went to rugby games in Edinburgh. That all built up my confidence and social skills again.

“I did all the Recovery College courses, such as Nutrition and Mind, Mood and Body. They helped me understand me and where I was at.

“This Charity has given me my life back and helped me believe in myself again. It’s given me the support and strength to move forward and carry on living.”

John's story

Giving a veteran freedom again.

We provided Army veteran John with an automatic front door, so he can leave his house on his own.

John has multiple sclerosis and is dependent on a wheelchair to get around. He needs the support of others to do some of the most basic of daily tasks, including eating.

“Having spent so much time indoors unable to go out, unless someone let me out, felt like being in prison. I now have freedom again. That’s euphoric.

“My support dog Casper and I sometimes get the bus into town. Or we’ll go to the park. I throw the ball and Casper chases after it. He’ll bring it back all slobbery, but I don’t care one bit. It’s wonderful being out in the fresh air. I visit friends and family and go to appointments on my own.

“I love having my independence again.”

Having spent so much time indoors unable to go out, unless someone let me out, felt like being in prison. I now have freedom again. That’s euphoric.”



Veteran John and his partner Claire together at their home
Veteran John and his partner Claire together at their home - Help for Heroes

That’s all thanks to your support

Your generosity has also made it possible for John and his partner Claire to go on our free sporting and recreational activities.

Claire said: “John’s disease is getting worse. We need to find every moment possible to make the most of life now.

“The Help for Heroes team has changed our lives by offering us the opportunity to get out of the house and make memories; giving John a sense of purpose and a reason to fight his deteriorating health.

“Some might be misled into thinking these are ‘just activities’ but to us and others, they’re a lifeline.

“The quality of activities we’ve been involved with, cooking workshops, outdoor sports, fishing trips, visits to places of interest and craft workshops have been second to none and make us feel that some luck comes from our difficult situation.

“Despite our challenges we feel valued and live a quality, fulfilled life because of these Help for Heroes activities.”