Throughout the year, the BBC chooses a different charity each month to be featured in its Lifeline appeal, and we were delighted to be picked for July!   

The 10-minute programme highlights the variety of support we offer to our Armed Forces community, and showcases the work we do to help veterans and their loved ones live well after service. 

Three incredible veterans – LizDerek and Gary – tell their powerful stories, and explain how our support has helped them take back control of their lives. Plus, it's presented by our friend and patron, Ross Kemp, who’s a great supporter of the Armed Forces community.  

Our film was broadcast on BBC One, BBC Two and iPlayer during July, and gave us a great chance to tell a national audience of the difficulties veterans and their families are facing.

If you missed it, or want to see it again, you're in luck! You can continue to watch and support our appeal right here... 

When we were formed in 2007, the wars were raging in Iraq and Afghanistan. Our Armed Forces were in the national media spotlight every day.

But with those conflicts over, veterans are no longer making the headlines. And donations have plummeted.

But the challenges veterans are facing haven’t gone away. Far from it. Physical pain. Mental trauma. Isolation. Poverty.

For some veterans, their experience whilst serving can leave them with physical and mental scars. This is where Help for Heroes comes in.

Ross Kemp


We’re needed just as much as ever, and our support services have made a huge difference to more than 28,000 people’s lives.   

But thousands more still need us. So, this is a great chance to tell veterans we’re still here for them. No matter where or when they served. And to remind the great British public that we need their help to be able to provide support that really does change lives. 

Please support our appeal and help veterans live well after service.

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Behind the scenes

It's fair to say we had a great time filming with the BBC for our Lifeline appeal! Liz, Derek and Gary were amazing, and it was a privilege to hear their powerful stories. 

Of course, our patron, Ross, rocked it as our film presenter! Here are a few sneaky behind-the-scenes photos we took while the BBC crew were hard at work...