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Steven Baldwin

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Since leaving the forces and especially over the last ten-years, former Army Private Steven Baldwin has really struggled with his mental health and almost totally withdrawn from society. Although he suffers from physical injuries, he says his PTSD, anxiety and depression is far more debilitating. A father to a 10-year impacting on my life than the physical injuries.

The father-of-one remembers sitting at home watching the Sydney Invictus Games and being inspired to take part. After many doubts and much anxiety, he managed to pluck up the courage to attend the Loughborough training camp and then later the UK trials. “I left the Sheffield trials feeling elated and for the first time in many years like I can do something and I do have something to offer. I was also feeling more comfortable around people. It was as if my faith in humanity was restored. I feel the Invictus journey can not only give me a piece of myself back but also it is creating a new me, it is also going to allow me to integrate back into society, and most importantly be the farther my son needs and deserves.” An aspiring photographer, Steven also hopes the Games will give him a newfound confidence to set up his own business.

Steven Baldwin Invictus Games 2020

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