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Laura Powell

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Former RAF Corporal, Laura Powell has survived 2 bouts of cancer and was medically discharged. Laura’s recovery pathway has been far from smooth sailing. Her motivation levels plummeted and her self-confidence was at rock bottom. Discovering the Invictus Trials and related sport were the key that, as she describes, enable her to find herself again : “The way I felt following the Invictus UK Trials was incredible and acted as a springboard for me. It’s given me a desire to get my spark back through sport.

Since my illness, I’ve been trapped in a vicious cycle but I feel that sport is helping to break it and push me along on my road to recovery.”
Being part of a team is another aspect of Laura’s recovery journey ; “I love being part of a team, especially one that is passionate, patriotic and full of inspiring, likeminded people who are also overcoming huge barriers. I crave to be part of this type of team and cheer each other on with a shared sense of purpose.”

When asked to share what being selected to represent Team UK in the Hague 2020 would mean to the 33 year old from Abergavenny, Laura has a clear view of her targets, she said; “Given the opportunity to compete, I would have a reason above all others to work hard, lose weight and become the best me that I can. I want to be the fastest cancer survivor when running, the fittest cyclist, the strongest rower and the best supporter I can be, as part of Team Invictus Games 2020.”

Laura Powell Invictus 2020

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