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Gareth Hennis

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Before Invictus came along, former RAF man Gareth, 36, would either stay at home watching television or go the pub. But Invictus has given him a reason to get up in the morning and he now regularly attends Phoenix House Recovery Centre in Catterick or his local archery club. He said it is like “coming home”. He added: “The biggest change is being around people – not just ‘people’ but the military family. Everyone is so supportive. They have patience and understanding and encourage me to push myself.

When I am with other people it helps my speech to improve and I am beginning to feel that I can cope in new situations, so my social skills are already developing. I feel that everyone involved with Invictus has the skills to work with my cognitive and physical difficulties and will support me to make progress without limiting my horizons.” Gareth has already started to make changes because of the Invictus process. He has given up drinking alcohol and is making healthier eating choices. will continue to opt for better food in the future. Training is also helping to improve his general fitness, control and coordination and can hold his bow steadier than he could before.


Gareth Hennis


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