While it takes strength to serve in the Armed Forces, it takes a different kind of strength to live a happy and fulfilling life after a major injury.

Bruce served his country with bravery and distinction in conflict zones in Kosovo and Iraq. So, he already had a fair idea what the meaning of strength was, but his toughest battle was yet to come, learning to walk again.

Thanks to people like you, Bruce was able to get the vital support he needed to help him stand and walk tall once again. His new lease of life and self-confidence is priceless. 

However, the lives of thousands of other veterans are on hold because of physical injuries, poor mental health, or crippling isolation and loneliness. You could help change all of that.

You could help a veteran like Bruce get the support they need to get their life back on track.

Bruce and his partner Louise - Help for Heroes

“When the pain in my feet first started it felt like I was walking on hot sand, only a thousand times worse. It quickly reached the stage where I couldn’t wear boots,” Bruce said.

“In a way, accepting my military career was over was a relief, and having the amputations actually gave me a new lease of life. Yes, losing both lower legs rendered me disabled, but with the use of prosthetics I could finally walk again, pain free.

"With Help for Heroes’ support, I found the motivation to keep pushing forward and adapt. They introduced me to sport, which has made a huge difference to my life as it’s given me focus and allowed me to feel part of a team again.”

Without the support of people such as yourself, Bruce’s story of recovery and hope would not have been possible. You can help veterans who risked everything for their country get the support they need to turn their lives around.

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