Help for Heroes is pleased to support the efforts of a London production company, raising funds for the first feature film about a British conflict since WW2: Kajaki

This incredible true story tells it exactly as it unfolded seven years ago at Kajaki Dam in Helmand Province.

Kajaki is an edge-of-your-seat thriller that puts the audience where we've put our fighting men and women for the past twelve years: face to face with deadly peril, in the company of their friends.

No film until now has told it the way it is. This is their story. A story that must be told.

Pukka Films is currently in development on the first film about the British Army in Afghanistan. When they announced the project in the summer and began to build up their Facebook community, they were inundated with offers to help – people wanting to know what they could do to get this film made – from offers of training the actors, being extras, teaching us how to look the part and wanting to know how they could support the project financially.

To add to the appeal, the producers will match every pound raised through this crowd funding with a pound from the film’s income and give this to military charities, including Help for Heroes.

Bryn Parry, Co-Founder, Help for Heroes commented: “I know young men and women for whom the war will be over, but they’ll be fighting their battles for the rest of their lives, and Help for Heroes has got to be there for them. We’ve got to be more proactive. We’ve got to have a supportive media and we’ve got to have films like Kajaki.”

Click here to watch the pitch for the Kajaki movie, and show your support. 

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