While it takes strength to serve in the Armed Forces, it takes a different kind of strength to live life beyond injury.

It could be the strength to learn to walk again, or to ask for help after 15 years of suffering in silence.

Together, we can help our wounded veterans overcome their daily battles and thrive. Veterans like Paul.


Meet Paul & Helen

Serving during the conflict in Northern Ireland, Paul thought he knew what strength was. But when his time in the Army came to an end, and the symptoms of PTSD took hold, he had to find a different kind of strength: the strength to rebuild his life with his family.

Watch as Paul and his wife, Helen, talk about their lives beyond injury here.


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Paul served in the Military Police for 13 years. As a result of his experiences in Northern Ireland he now battles with PTSD on a daily basis. He has experienced suicidal thoughts, and it nearly destroyed his marriage. 

Paul talks about his experience with PTSD, and how Help for Heroes have helped to support him and Helen.

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Paul Is wearing a blue help for heroes t-shirt and sitting on a wall


Imagine living with the person you love, but not being in their bubble. This is how Helen describes living with her husband Paul and his PTSD. She has stood by him, but the strain on their marriage has also tested her own mental health.

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Helen wearing a help for heroes

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