We’re proud to have worked with more than 90 Armed Forces charities and organisations to ensure that veterans, families, and people who worked alongside the UK military get the support they deserve.

For example, we granted £2 million to fund the construction and help meet the running costs of a Forces and Families Centre called Fisher House, on the site of the Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Birmingham. This provides military patients and families a place to stay when their loved one is being treated in hospital.

We granted £176,000 to Canine Partners, a charity that helps people with disabilities enjoy a greater independence and quality of life with the help of specially trained dogs.

We’ve helped organisations provide training to veterans. A grant of more than £333,000 was given to Finchale Training College in Durham to help veterans into paid employment, vocational training, further education or voluntary work.

This is just a taster of many grants we provided to worthy causes in the Armed Forces sector.

After carrying out a review of our spending, we decided to focus our attention on providing the best possible services for veterans and families who come to us for support. Therefore, we no longer give grants to other charities and organisations. However, we are always keen to work in partnership with others in the sector to bring together skills, knowledge and resources to support the Armed Forces Community.

If you are a veteran, serving member of the Armed Forces community, if you worked alongside the UK military, or are a relative of any of the above, we are here for you.

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