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Neil Heritage, 30, was injured in November 2004 in Iraq when he was clearing a route for IEDs and a suicide bomber got through the cordon and detonated. Neil, a Corporal in the Royal Signals, had to have both of his legs amputated above the knee and was told he would probably never walk again.

Once he was medically discharged, Neil was no longer under MOD prosthetics care and moved into the NHS system. After a year, due to funding problems, the NHS was unable to provide Neil with suitable prosthetic legs.

H4H has supported Neil since its inception in 2007 and he has nothing but praise for the Charity and those who have supported it. "The H4H team have been keen to find out about any problems or difficulties me and my family have faced since my injuries and are looking at ways to solve these problems for me and other Servicemen and women further down the line." says Neil.

Getting back to a normal life

When Neil first got involved with Help for Heroes through the H4H Band of Brothers (a group of wounded personnel who act as a support network for each other), he explained some of the problems he was having and Help for Heroes was able to fund new sockets for his prosthetic legs.

These new sockets meant that Neil could be more mobile, do more things with his young children, get back into his running and continue to lead a normal life.