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A keen netball player, Lucy struggled to come to terms with the end of her playing career when she suffered a serious ankle injury. It had a knock-on effect on her mental health and she began feeling very low.

The Invictus Games has opened her up to new sports which she can still do and enjoy despite her injury, and she has reaped the benefits.

Working for the NHS throughout the pandemic kept Lucy incredibly busy but she continued her training, with a focus on rowing and went on to achieve World and British records in virtual championships. Despite a further three ankle surgeries in the last two years, Lucy has picked herself up and trained even harder, describing how she felt she was going “from strength to strength”

“I can’t wait to get back with the team and continue this amazing journey to The Hague with Team UK.”

The 28-year-old former Senior Aircraftsman in the RAF hopes to use the Invictus experience to gain teaching qualifications so she can work with disabled children.

“I will continue to train and work hard on my fitness, confidence and wellbeing to enable me to be the best I can within my disability. I feel this will help me in my continued recovery phase which may never end, as such, but however it will certainly help me focus on what can be achieved rather than what can’t be.”