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Private Josh Campbell was coming to the end of his 6-month tour in September 2009. He was in Afghanistan, serving with the 23 Pioneer Regiment, RLC and the tour had gone well, the regiment had not sustained any major casualties and the end was in sight.

On 17 September, whilst on a routine vehicle resupply in the Babaji district of central Helmand, Josh’s vehicle drove over an IED. The explosion caused the vehicle to roll on its side. "That was the last thing I remember" says Josh, "the next thing I knew was 2 weeks later - I woke up and both my legs had gone. I felt depressed, of course, but I knew it wasn’t the end of the world, the future would be ok."

Josh spent eight weeks in Selly Oak before going home for a while. The next step of his rehabilitation was at Headley Court, where he has been going since the start of 2010. "Things like skydives, being in wind tunnels and waterskiing. I never thought I would be able to do all this and try new things. Battle Back Headley Court is brilliant. The pool and gym are fantastic and have really helped in my rehabilitation."

Meeting the team

Josh has also volunteered at the Help for Heroes Tidworth office, he said "The volunteering really gives me a focus when I’m on leave. It’s great to see what goes on behind the scenes to help all the wounded and meet all the H4H team."

Josh is a member of the H4H Band of Brothers and his girlfriend is a member of the H4H Band of Sisters. Both these networks are H4H’s way of keeping in touch with both those injured, and their loved ones, as well as providing them with the many ticket offers the generous public send in. Josh and his girlfriend have attended several events which have been great fun.

Josh says, "Help for Heroes has really helped in my rehabilitation process in so many ways, through funding, through volunteering in the office. It’s all helped so much and I’m really looking forward to it continuing with Tedworth House. Band of Brothers, being a member of the Headley Court, building the pool and gym at Battle Back."