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David Dewar served for 16 years in the Army, before a spinal injury left him unable to continue his military career. As a keen sportsman, David was always interested in keeping fit, pushing boundaries and staying competitive.

“The turning point was approaching Help for Heroes for support as I’ve never looked back. The support they’ve given me has been fantastic and it still carries on to this day. I wouldn’t have been able to participate in my sports as I am now.

I think for me, my main sport has to be wheelchair rugby. I enjoy it so much. I like coming to the training with the guys. We’ve all got various illnesses or injuries, but we all get along so well. I go away with a smile on my face. When l participated in the Invictus UK Trials in Sheffield, my wife and daughter came to watch me and this was the first time they had watched me compete. My wife’s observations of me taking part were “you look so happy and relaxed because you are so comfortable in your surroundings”. This experience so far was one of the best in my pathway to recovery; l felt happy competing and challenging myself and l really enjoyed watching the other sports and cheering on my fellow competitors and friends.”

After a challenging time, David is feeling positive again, thanks to sport.

“My physical injuries and mental health have impacted so greatly on all aspects of my life; often taking away my sense of purpose, achievement and pride of whom l used to be as if l was never there. Being part of Team UK 2020 and participating in sport will be such an honour and will greatly improve my sense of achievement and self-worth.

Lockdown was challenging due to sport venues being closed due to the COVID-19 pandemic but luckily l was able to adapt my existing gym at home into a larger area to hold more fitness equipment. Having a routine has helped me keep my goals on track, changing my fitness sessions also helped me with this long period unable to attend Invictus camps.”

Invictus Competitor - David Dewar
Invictus Competitor - David Dewar - Help for Heroes