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A Major in the British Army, Ben McComb credits his Invictus journey in re-igniting his passion and commitment to sport and all the benefits, both physical and emotional, it brings.

Injured for almost 10 years, the 34-year-old Major from North Yorkshire has been searching for a focus and goal. Since his final diagnosis, Ben has been determined to direct his newfound energy into his recovery journey through sport.

Of the last two years, he said: “COVID allowed me to slow down and focus on the more important things in life.

“I adapted my training, purchased my own gym equipment and stayed focused.

“I believe my relationship with my family will also continue to improve. Since embarking on the Invictus journey, I have remembered my love for swimming. My son, Seb who is 7 years old also loves to swim – I now find myself so much more interested in his successes and am more able to relate with his passion. Ultimately, I hope my achievements will inspire him along with my youngest son, Archie.”

When asked, what being selected to represent Team UK means, Ben responded: “I firmly believe it will have both short term and lasting benefits on my life. I believe the journey will have a momentous impact on my personal confidence, sense of worth and emotional well-being.”

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Ben - Help for Heroes