VSI is very seriously injured.  These veterans need care 24/7 for the rest of their lives. Their injuries are life-long, life changing.  We offer a holistic approach to their care and clinical support.  

Every very seriously injured veteran's story is special, but it's not possible for us to share every single one. 

Ryan, Simon and Stephen are just three of the veterans we've supported through the hardships they've faced after leaving the military. 

Their stories explain how your involvement can change lives.


Ryan and Liz had it all. A happy marriage, beautiful family, good jobs, a nice home. 

And then Ryan – a GP in the Royal Navy – had two massive strokes. He can no longer walk unaided. He struggles to speak. And he can’t prepare his own food.   


When Simon was injured in a bomb blast in Afghanistan his platoon pinned his obituary to him, because they didn’t think he’d survive the flight to the UK. 
It was 2008, and the Army Corporal had been driving a truck through Helmand Province when it hit a roadside bomb. Simon made it back, but his family were told his brain injury was so severe, he’d only be able to lie in bed and blink his eyes.


Stephen, a soldier in the Fourth Battalion, The Rifles, was on guard duty in Iraq when he was caught in a mortar bomb explosion.  

In that one moment, his life was changed completely, and forever. He was just 19. 

Stephen suffered a severe brain injury. He’s unlikely to walk, talk, feed himself, or wash himself again.   

If you’d like to know more about how you can support our VSI veterans, please contact us atVSIcampaign@helpforheroes.org.uk