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Wednesday 05 March 2014

Sochi News: And We're Off!

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August 2012 is a month that will be forever etched in my memory as that is when the world fell in love with Paralympic Athletes from many nations. In the August Summer days the world discovered our Super Humans – the amazing athletes who compete in the Paralympic Games. 

Fast forward a year and a half and we’re about to be introduced to a whole new generation of Super Humans – our Winter Paralympians. The events that will unfurl in Sochi over the next two weeks will be inspiring, humbling and motivating; especially for a select group of Athletes who are travelling to Sochi as part of the Paralympic Inspiration Programme & will get a front row seat, enabling them to see just what it takes to compete – and hopefully win – at the Paralympics.

The Paralympic Inspiration programme is how Summer and Winter Paralympians are made – it is an amazing opportunity for future hopeful Paralympic athletes to experience the unique nature of a Paralympic games, which will hopefully see them set off on their own road to Rio or Pyeongchang.

While the Athletes are in Sochi, they will be following a strict schedule, including daily workouts, lectures on nutrition, competition planning and goal-setting as well as briefings about Anti-doping.  Of course, the athletes will take time out of their schedule to attend plenty of Paralympic competitions; the highlight of which be watching Help for Heroes Athlete, Mick Brennan compete in his Skiing Events!

Now that we’ve arrived saftely in Sochi, after travelling all day yesterday, the excitement level amongst the guys is palpable, it’s as if they sense that something in them is going to change in the next 10 days, and while they might leave with the label of athlete, they’ll come home fully believing that they are athletes, with a grit and determination to step up their training and dedicate what comes next to achieving their dreams of becoming Paralympians themselves.

Finally, all that is left for me to do is proudly introduce you to the Help for Heroes Athletes that will be taking part in this life-changing programme, they are: 

Mick Brennan, Competing in Skiing Events

Veteran Mikey Hall, Archery

Veteran Lee Aitchison, Shooting

Veteran Scott Meenagh, Rowing

Fusilier Andy Barlow, Skiing

Veteran Corie Mapp, Sitting Volleyball

Veteran Grant Harvey, Skiing

Marine Ray Lowrie, Rowing

Corporal Jordan Beecher, Rowing

Lance Corporal Tyler Christopher, Sledge Hockey

We’ll be trying to update you every day, so that you can share in our athlete’s journey of inspiration and discovery. Finally, if you would like to support, encourage and get behind our guys please do send us a tweet @H4H_SR or you can donate here to support our wounded at all levels.

You never know, someone supported into their first taste of adaptive sports today, may become a future Paralympic Inspiration Programme Athlete in 2016!

Until next time,