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Wednesday 25 March 2020

Managing your sleep

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Sleep is an essential part of maintaining good health and yet in these uncertain times, coronavirus-related worries can easily contribute to a loss of it.

If anxiety is affecting your sleep, try some of our easy tips below on making sure you keep as well rested as you can.

1. Map out a routine

The coronavirus outbreak has disrupted daytime routines for many of us, which makes a bedtime routine all the more important. Set out a proper night-time plan to get your brain into the habit of knowing when to switch off. Try to go to bed at the same time each night and set your alarm to get you up at the same time each morning.

2. Limit your newsfeed

With news updates on the pandemic rolling 24/7, it can be tempting to scroll endlessly through your phone. Limit the amount of time you spend looking at these, and try not to look at your screen at all in the hour before bed time. Pop your phone in another room once you’re in bed to limit the temptation to scroll when you can’t sleep.

3. Be kind to yourself

Often our worry about getting the right amount of or quality of sleep can make us more worried or anxious. Try not to put too much emphasis on whether you have slept enough, and rather focus on what helps you to feel more relaxed and calm. Work on creating healthy lifestyle changes like pacing yourself throughout the day, eating healthily, drinking enough water, reducing caffeine intake and doing one form of exercise a day.

Listen to what your body tells you it needs. Some days we need more sleep than others and if you are feeling more tired or recovering from illness then listen to your health needs and give your body what it needs to recover.

4. Soothe your mind with music

Relaxing music slows both your brain and body down, and at a time like this can provide a welcome escape from the constant tide of news and information. It doesn’t have to be whale or classical music (although if these relax you then go ahead!) – even music played by your favourite band at a low level can help.

5. Learn new ways to relax

There are lots of relaxation techniques you can practice at home – ideal at a time when we are being advised to stay indoors. Invest some time and energy in learning something new – yoga, meditation and mindfulness are great for sleep and it’s something you can get the whole household involved in too. You can watch the Help for Heroes yoga video for sleep and relaxation here.

We have more tips and exercises to help you get a better night's sleep on our wellbeing pages.