From the bottom of our hearts, thank you for choosing to support wounded veterans and their families on your special day. Whether you're marking an anniversary, birthday, engagement. christening, retirement, baby shower or wedding day, asking your guests to give the gift of a donation helps rebuild lives.

Donation Cards

Our donation cards let your guests know you've chosen to support our heroes. You can also add a Help for Heroes lapel pin as a unique party favour.

All we ask is that you make a suggested donation of £1 per guest if you'd like the donation card, or a suggested donation of £2 if you would also like to add an enamel Help for Heroes lapel pin.

Placing your order

Please contact the Supporter Care Team on 0300 303 9888 Monday – Friday, 9 am – 5 pm

For any other queries, you can contact The Supporter Care Team on the above number or email

Wedding donations

Donating money rather than charity wedding favours

Charity wedding favours can be used in conjunction with charity wedding donations to help you raise life-changing amounts. You can, of course, make a wedding charity donation on behalf of every guest, but you may find small trinkets make for the best charity wedding favours. Not only does this ensure guests have a physical memento of the day, but it’s also a fantastic way for them to continue to show their support for our Heroes and raise awareness. 

We off official charity donation wedding favours which feature stylish donation cards and the optional addition of a Help for Heroes pin.  Our Supporter Care team can help you with these.  We also have range of wristbands that are perfect charity donation wedding favours for those looking for something more personal, and they’re able to fit a range of budgets. The shop is run by Help for Heroes directly, so every item purchased helps support our veterans. 

How to ask for charity donations instead of wedding gifts

Asking for a wedding charity donation instead of presents is easy to do. You can include the information in your original invitation, with a simple message, such as: “instead of gifts, we would ask you to please donate what you can to Help for Heroes.” Be sure to follow this up with information on one of the below methods, so your guests know precisely how they can make a difference.

Birthday donations

How to ask for charity donations instead of birthday gifts

Asking for money can always be a sensitive issue, even if it is for a good cause, but there are several ways to make a birthday gift donation to charity that are easy for everyone.

Have a collection at your party

Be sure to register your collection with us, and you can collect right at your birthday party with donation boxes and buckets. You will need permission from the owner of the venue, and we will provide you with a unique event ID, so every donation birthday gift made online or offline counts towards your total. Make everyone aware of our donation page for secure online giving so they can give in the way that is most convenient for them.

Ask people to donate directly

If you don’t plan to have a party, you can simply send around an email asking people to make a donation birthday gift if they so wish. Our donation page gives several options, including making a donation on behalf of someone or choosing to make it a continuous monthly donation instead of a one-off, so your loved ones can choose how much and how often they wish to donate. 

Set up a Just Giving page

A very popular way to make a birthday gift donation to charity, Just Giving lets you set your own fundraising target and updates with every donation to show how much more you need to hit your goal. People can make their donations public, or they can donate anonymously, and they can also leave their birthday wishes on the page too. A great way for everyone to give what they can in their own time, Just Giving lets your loved ones make a donation birthday gift stress-free.

How to Donate your Birthday to Charity on Facebook

Social media is a fantastic way to donate your birthday to charity. Facebook makes it easy and alerts everyone on your friends list in just a few clicks. Setting up a Facebook fundraiser is simple, go to their fundraiser page and input the following information:

  1. Select Help for Heroes as your charity
  2. Say how much you want to raise as a goal
  3. Select the currency you’ll be collecting in
  4. Select the fundraiser end date (this doesn’t have to be your birthday)
  5. Give your fundraiser a name, e.g. “My 21st Donation to Charity in Lieu of Birthday Gift!”
  6. Add a message about why you’re asking for a donation birthday gift to Help for Heroes and why you want people to donate
  7. Choose a cover photo if you like. Otherwise, an official Help for Heroes image will be used automatically

Christmas Donations

There are so many ways you could help our Heroes at Christmas, why not check out our Christmas Gift Charity Donations page or if you need more inspiration and would like to raise money for us, check out our Christmas fundraising ideas page for more information.