Here’s our guide to everything you need to know about JustGiving charity donation pages, including how to set up web and social media pages.

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Thanks to the convenience and security of today’s digital world, more people than ever before are choosing to host their charity donation platforms online.

Whether you’re gearing up to run a marathon in aid of Help for Heroes or cycling through France on the BBBR, it has never been easier to kick-start your fundraising efforts through an online charity donation page.

Here’s our guide to everything you need to know about JustGiving charity donation pages, including how to set one up.

How do I set up A JUSTGIVING page?

It's a lot easier than you might think to set up a JustGiving page. And, whether you want to set up a fundraising page for a skydiving challenge or you’re looking to raise funds for a trek overseas, JustGiving is a fantastic platform to use.

Get started by visiting Just Giving

Here’s how to set up your JustGiving page

  • Firstly, you will need to create your own personalised account, log in and click ‘Start Fundraising'. At this stage, you should also select that you are fundraising for a registered charity.
  • Next, you will need to search for the cause you want to support.
  • You will then need to state whether you are taking part in an event, celebrating an occasion, or fundraising in memory. If you can’t see your event listed on the drop-down menu, you can simply select ‘Add your own’ at the bottom of the page and provide further information about the activity you are going to be participating in.
  • Next, you will need to select your web address. This is the link you will be sharing with friends and family when asking them to donate.
  • Now simply select ‘Create your page’ and that’s it done! You can now use your fundraising page to accept donations. Once received, the funds will be sent across to your chosen charity each week.
  • Get sharing and shout about your fundraising efforts. Social media is a great place to start sharing your page with family and friends.

How does JustGiving work?

It's as easy as 1,2,3...well, 4 actually. According to the team over at JustGiving, you

  • plan your fundraiser
  • create a page
  • spread the word
  • send the money

For more information, visit the JustGiving website.


Here are some of the biggest benefits of using JustGiving to set up a charity donation page:

  • It’s simple. JustGiving make it incredibly easy to set up your page, all you have to do is fill in your information and you’re good to go.
  • It’s personal to you. You can add your story about why you’re fundraising, post photos and progress videos– all of which make it more likely that friends, family and colleagues will sponsor you.
  • It’s shareable. When you’re fundraising, you’re going to want to reach people. So just email your page link to friends, family and colleagues to tell them about your amazing challenge or event. Plus, posting on social is almost instant, you just share the link via your chosen platform, including WhatsApp. The donations will come flying in!
  • It’s seamless. As you get donations, the money will come to Help for Heroes automatically and securely meaning you can focus on your fundraising efforts and sharing them.
  • It doesn’t give up. Reaching your fundraising target on your first share is rare. So, send a few follow up emails or social posts to keep people updated on your training for a challenge or how your bake sale is getting on.

JustGiving is a great way to track your fundraising for us as well as keeping people engaged with what you’re up to whether you’re running a Tough Mudder or hosting a charity quiz.

How do I close my JustGiving page? 

If you've completed your fundraising and sent all your money raised, then you maybe wanting to close down your JustGiving fundraising page. If you head to the JustGiving website, you'll find all the info you need in order to close down a page, but here's a quick-fire list of steps to follow

  • Log into your account on the top right corner, and under your name, select 'Your Fundraising'
  • Select 'Edit this page' beneath the page you'd like to cancel
  • Head to 'Settings' on the top of the screen, then scroll down and select 'Cancel my Justgiving page' and 'Yes, cancel my page'.