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How to Track My Steps - Step Tracking Guide

How to Connect Your Fitbit, Strava or Runkeeper to GivePenny

You can do this from your fundraising page (there’s a handy button for that) or from your GivePenny dashboard, following these steps:

  1. Visit your GivePenny dashboard and login here or by clicking your name on the GivePenny website and selecting ‘Dashboard’.

  2. Scroll down to ‘Connections’ and select the tick by the logo of your chosen app. This will bring up a page with a ‘Connect’ button. You’ll then be taken to the relevant website to login (if you aren’t already).

  3. You’ll then be asked to grant GivePenny permission to view your profile details. Ticking all boxes will ensure the platform works properly. GivePenny doesn’t hold these details and won’t do anything with your personal information.

  4. You’ll then go back to your GivePenny dashboard, where there will be a green tick next to your chosen app’s logo.


Strava and Runkeeper measure distance rather than steps, so we’ve worked out some approximate conversions:

3.81km = 5,000 steps

7.62km = 10,000 steps

If you’re keeping track of your steps manually, you can keep your GivePenny page up to date by hitting the update button at the top of your fundraising page.