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When it comes to organising your event, we want you to do so as safely and sensibly as possible. Please ask a parent, guardian, teacher or youth leader for permission and any help you need. If you're under 18 years old, we'll also need an adult to register the event for you.

As supporters of the future, we are always delighted to hear about some of the things young people do to fundraise for Help for Heroes.

  • Kieron and his primary school friends organised a cake sale.
  • Ten-year-old Thomas played Jazz Trombone in Bath.
  • Nine-year-old Lee has organised events including a sponsored walk and a Christmas Tea Party
  • James and his school friends dressed in their pyjamas for the day in exchange for a donation.
  • Teachers were eager to give Matthew permission to do a sponsored silence!

For more information, contact the team on campaigns@helpforheroes.org.uk or call 0300 303 9888

What could you do?

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Baking cakes is a fun and exciting way to join in and help raise money for our Heroes! From making rice krispie cakes to beautiful fairy cakes and iced biscuits, you can really do your bit to help, because every penny makes a difference.

Perhaps you could join in with our annual Bake for Heroes campaign which is 15-30 April 2017, or pick a date to suit you.

Why not organise something at school, with your local youth group or with your neighbours - just ask your parents, Brownies or Scouts leader or teacher for permission and help!

Seven-year-old Ethan is a regular supporter of Help for Heroes, and he jumped at the chance to fundraise for us by holding his very own Bake for Heroes cake sale.

He has been army mad for as long as his mum can remember, so he dressed in his best army gear and decorated his Grandma's garden in camo, then invited family over for cakes, biscuits and lots of cups of tea, all while raising money for our Heroes.

If you're thinking of having a barbecue, why not make it a BBQ For Heroes?

If your family is getting together to celebrate a special occasion, you could ask everyone to make a donation or pay for food, hold a quiz or run a competition to help raise money.

It’s really easy to organise but you will need an adult to help you register your BBQ For Heroes.

A triathlon is a sporting event made of three endurance activities which are completed one after the other – without stopping! It usually includes swimming, cycling and running.

Some of our wounded Heroes have taken up triathlons as their sport – Joe Townsend has competed in Ironman events, and even the 2016 Paralympics.

Our Hero Bear Triathlon is great for:

  • having fun doing a challenge in a team
  • learning how exercise keeps us healthy
  • helping fundraise for H4H with your friends and family.

All you need to do is think of three events you can do to make up your triathlon, such as running, walking, bouncing a ball - there are lots of possibilities.

You could do this at school, playgroup, Brownies, Scouts or your local sports club!

Heroes Hat Trick is a great way to fundraise and find out how our wounded Heroes, and other disabled people, face challenges every day.

Heroes Hat Trick has three tasks for you to try with a partner:

  • The first task is a three legged obstacle course.
  • The second event sees one of you blind folded while your friend helps you over the same obstacles.
  • Thirdly, you have five attempts to put a ball through a high hoop from a seated position.

You could do this at school, playgroup, Brownies, Scouts or with your friends in the garden or park!

You will need the help of an adult to organise everything. For more information please email herokids@helpforheroes.org.uk.

Whatever you decide to do, we are here to help you. The first thing you need to do is ask an adult to help you register your event. We can also provide things like balloons, bunting, collection tins and wristbands, short films about Help for Heroes and sponsorship forms.

Examples of sponsored events:

  • sponsored hop
  • sponsored silence (parents and teachers will like this one!)
  • sponsored bike ride
  • sponsored walk
  • sponsored swim

Downloadable Activities for the Kids

Feel free to select any of the following options to download for your Hero Kids. They're yours to print off and use as you wish for fundraising events, or for your kids at home!


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