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Suicide Awareness Training

See The Problem - Say The Words - Signpost To Support

For immediate support in an emergency please call 999. To access confidential emotional support for feelings of distress, despair or suicidal thoughts - Samaritans freephone 116 123 (24/7) or email

Download our Sources of Support PDF for a list of support available across the UK.

We need to talk about Suicide. Every day, our specialist teams support veterans and families to stand strong once again. But for many, the journey before they take the first step towards accessing that support can take weeks, months or even years.

We believe having a conversation can be lifesaving. When someone opens up, it’s important that they feel safe and listened to. We want to help create suicide safer communities, where veterans and families feel they can speak up as soon as they start to struggle.

Alongside the Zero Suicide Alliance (ZSA) we have developed a ground-breaking veteran-specific suicide awareness training course.

This course will give you the skills and knowledge you need to have a potentially life-saving conversation with a family member, friend, colleague or even a stranger in the street.

Scenarios, real life stories and resources will help guide you through what to do, should the situation arise.

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Hopefully you never need to have this conversation, but if you did…would you know what to say?

Please take 30 minutes to learn how to have that difficult conversation and potentially save a life.

Suicide Awareness Course FAQs

Talking about suicide

This video offers an excellent example of how to start the conversation about suicide if you are concerned about someone.

Produced for The Lions Barber Collective by NHS Informatics Merseyside (part of Mersey Care NHSFT), the 10-minute video features a barber called Luke talking to Adam, an army veteran.

Adam has just left service and is struggling to settle into civilian life, away from his old job and friends; he feels like a burden to his family and is planning to end his life.

Watch how Luke starts the conversation, encourages Adam to open up about his worries, and ensures he is safe before letting him leave the barbershop.

Please be aware, this video involves conversation about suicide. If you are a suicide survivor or have been bereaved by suicide, this may be a difficult watch. Please take care and make sure you have someone supportive nearby.

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