Being physically active 

Staying physically active can make you feel so much better about life. The healthier you are physically, the more confidence and energy you will have. Being active can also help you get better sleep, which can play a big role in your mental health. 

It also helps to have a healthy lifestyle. The following will improve your physical and mental health

  • Only drinking alcohol in moderation
  • Having a healthy and balanced diet, including drinking plenty of water
  • Staying at a healthy weight for you 
  • Not smoking. Your GP can help you with this.

If you regularly take positive steps in all those areas, life should soon start to feel a lot easier and more fun. 

We can help you get back into sport and physical activity with a range of supported activities for people of all abilities, across the UK.  

We also run an online group course called Nutrition: What, Why and How, through our Recovery College

Connecting with others 

Meeting up with people with shared interests and experiences can be great for your mental health.  

Many veterans and their families find that spending time with others who have been through the same things makes them feel better.  

We run group sport and social activities for veterans and families. This allows people to get active, take up a hobby or activity, and meet other people. We know it might not be easy to take that first step to meet new people, so our experienced staff are on hand to support you. 

A coffee morning or a walk with other friendly veterans and families could be the moment everything starts to feel better. 

Understanding your own mind 

Understanding your mental health is a big part of staying healthy and happy. You can apply for a course and we also have self-help guides to help you develop the skills and knowledge to look after your mental health.  

Talking it through 

It is always good to talk about your feelings. If there’s something that is worrying or upsetting you, talk to someone you trust. This could be a friend, relative, a trusted colleague, or someone  in our team..  

If you’re finding things tough, our mental health professionals within our Hidden Wounds Service are there for you.  


If you’re in pain, or if you feel anxious, stressed or lonely, we can help. 

We can also help if you’re having money troubles, or need support with housing or applying for benefits. 

You might just need a listening ear. We can provide that too. Start your recovery journey today by getting in touch.

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