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In 2007, Bryn and Emma Parry co-founded the Charity Help for Heroes. They set themselves one objective, to help those who have put their lives on the line in our Armed Forces.

More than ten years later and Help for Heroes is an internationally recognised charity that has been able to help over 22,000 people. The need for support is growing and we believe that together with our fundraisers, donors, volunteers and partners we can continue to empower those who need us most and help them to regain their sense of purpose and have a positive impact on society.

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Who does Help for Heroes support?

Help for Heroes provides support for wounded veterans both regular and reserve personnel who have suffered injuries or illness during, or as a result of, Service which impacts on their daily life. The Charity also helps their close family and dependents.

This includes:

  • Serving personnel who are medically downgraded and whose condition is likely to last 12 months or more and lead to a medical discharge, with an ongoing injury or illness that impacts on their daily life.

  • Veterans with an ongoing injury or illness that impacts on their daily life who:
    - Were medically downgraded for 12 months or more whilst in service with that condition
    - Were medically discharged for that condition
    -  Were awarded a War Pension or an Armed Forces Compensation Scheme payment for that condition.
    - Are living with an ongoing injury or illness from their time during service or as a result of their service

How many people have you supported?

As of 30th September 2018, we have supported 22,285 individuals on their recovery journey.

Research we have conducted alongside King’s College London indicates that, of those who served as a Regular in the British Armed Forces between 1991 and 2014, at least 66,000 will need support now or in the future. Statistics also show that on average, seven men and women are Medically Discharged from the Armed Forces every day.


Now that the war in Afghanistan is over why are you still needed?

In 2018, Help for Heroes helped more wounded Veterans than ever before.

Just because our Armed Forces are not currently engaged in a major conflict that does not mean there is no longer a need for support.

Many of those who are living with serious and complex injuries are likely to need ongoing support especially as they get older, to ensure they can continue living healthy and fulfilled lives with their families.

For some veterans, the effects of their service only come to the surface in the months and years after they have left the military.

Additionally, every year 2,500 men and women are leaving the military with injuries – we are here to support them if and when they need it.

Does Help for Heroes support those with psychological injuries?

Yes. The Help for Heroes Hidden Wounds Service supports wounded, injured and sick veterans or family members of veterans or someone who is currently serving who are wounded, injured and sick, and are living with mental health and emotional difficulties such as anxiety, anger, low-mood and alcohol use and common mental health problems which are adversely affecting their quality of life.

We also work closely with other military and mental health organisations (including Combat Stress and the NHS) to ensure all individuals seeking treatment get the help they need. Psychological support for those serving is provided by the Ministry of Defence. 

In addition, all Help for Heroes our activities and courses are designed to improve and maintain physical and psychological wellbeing.

How do you support the rehabilitation of those still serving?

Those injured or wounded while Serving are usually transferred to the Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Birmingham for medical treatment.

Their clinical rehabilitation (overcoming physical, neurological or mental health issues) takes place at the Defence Medical Rehabilitation Centre Stanford hall near Loughborough in the East Midlands, which has recently replaced Headley Court in Surrey.

All the facilities at Headley Court have been recreated at Stanford Hall, including the

Swimming pool and rehabilitation complex funded by Help for Heroes. We work closely with the DMRC to make sure everyone affected by their service in the Armed Forces can either return to their military unit or take the next step into their new life as a military Veteran.

We are campaigning for increased access to the world-class facilities and expertise at Stanford Hall for injured veterans who have complex rehabilitation needs, as a result of their service.

Does Help for Heroes lobby the Government?

Help for Heroes gives a voice to thousands of wounded Servicemen, women, Veterans and military families.

We work closely with the Ministry of Defence, the Department of Health, the NHS, the Department of Work and Pensions and local authorities to ensure the needs of wounded Veterans are met. Where we identify a shortcoming or an area where improvement is needed, we will speak up and advocate on behalf of those we support.

We plan to work closely with the new Office of Veterans Affairs, which we campaigned for to ensure government support to veterans is more joined-up and effective.

What are the Help for Heroes Band of Brothers and Band of Sisters?

The Help for Heroes Band of Brothers is a fellowship that exists to bring together wounded, injured or sick Servicemen, women and Veterans. The Help for Heroes Band of Sisters supports their loved ones, both male and female.

Our Fellowship groups offer wounded, injured and sick Service Personnel and their loved ones an opportunity to meet with peers, as well as access a range of support. This ensures we build on the foundations of a strong community and recognise the importance of family.

There are now 11,396 individuals who are part of the Help for Heroes Band of Brothers and Band of Sisters Fellowship (as at September 2018). There has been a 17% increase in Fellowship membership since 2016/17.

How does Help for Heroes spend my money?

Help for Heroes spends the money generously donated by the public and our partners to fulfil our commitment to ensure that everyone affected by military service, gets a fair deal.

We deliver vital services in the community to create a network of support across the UK, providing sports recovery, welfare, grants, psychological wellbeing and fellowship support to enable our wounded Veterans and their families to live independent, fulfilling lives. We also work alongside and have to date grant-funded, over 60 specialist charities and organisations who complement our work.

We also fund, commission and facilitate research programmes to understand the big challenges ahead – so much is still unknown about the complex trauma many of our veterans survived. Our role is to help them, and their families, to plan for their futures.

Identifying areas where we believe the Government should do more to support wounded veterans and helping them implement solutions is a growing priority for us. We recently supported a successful campaign for the new Office of Veterans Affairs in Cabinet, and have become involved in GP education programmes across the country.

Everything we do is to help wounded veterans and Service Personnel, and their families, to reach their full potential, regain their purpose in life and to have a positive impact on society once more.

Do you have staff?

Yes, the Charity simply could not exist without our dedicated staff, many of whom are specialists in their areas and have a range of professional qualifications in areas as diverse as psychological support, adaptive sports coaching and occupational therapy.

We also employ many Veterans or people who have close links to the military: approximately one-third of our staff have links to the military or are from military families. We believe this helps us better understand the needs of our beneficiaries.

Help for Heroes also relies on an army of dedicated volunteers to support its employed staff and keep costs to an absolute minimum. Click here to find out more about volunteering for Help for Heroes.

Our wounded and their loved ones have given up so much – they deserve the best support and Help for Heroes needs the very best people to provide it.

Are trustees paid?

No. The Help for Heroes Trustees govern the Charity on a voluntary basis. 

How do I fundraise for Help for Heroes?

We are immensely grateful for the support of every fundraiser, partner and volunteer. Without their support, we could not continue to raise the funds needed to support all those affected by their military service.

 Sign up to do a challenge, activity or event in support of our Heroes.

Whatever activity you are planning, our friendly team can offer ideas, advice and information to guide you through your fundraising experience.

Every pound is valued and means we can make a huge difference in the lives of wounded Veterans.

Can I leave money to Help for Heroes in my will?

Yes. Every legacy left to Help for Heroes will make a vital difference to current and future generations of wounded Servicemen and women. Remembering Help for Heroes in your Will means the Charity can confidently plan and fund further initiatives to guarantee the wounded and their families will be looked after for the rest of their lives.

Can my company support Help for Heroes?

Absolutely. Getting your company involved in fundraising is a brilliant way to motivate your workforce as staff members across all levels can work towards a common positive goal. Help for Heroes runs a very successful Charity of the Year (COTY) programme, as well as a Give as You Earn scheme. Additionally, you could look at signing up to be a Commercial Partner. Click here for further information.

What are your charitable objectives?

Help for Heroes’ aim is to assist those currently serving or who have served in the Armed Forces, and their families, by advancing any lawful charitable purpose at the discretion of the Trustees and in particular, but not exclusively:

  • To promote and protect the health of those that have been wounded or injured whilst serving in the Armed Forces through the provision of facilities, equipment or services for their rehabilitation.
  • To make grants to other charities who assist members of the Armed Forces and their dependants.
  • To promote and protect the health of those who have been wounded, sick or injured whilst providing services to, or in conjunction with, and in either case under the direction of the commander of the Armed Forces in an area of conflict or war and to provide benefits to the dependants of such persons who are in need.

Is Help for Heroes a registered charity?

Help for Heroes is a registered Charity in England and Wales (number 1120920) and Scotland (SCO44984)

Help for Heroes is also a Company limited by Guarantee Registered in England and Wales under number 6363256.

Do you still operate out of Recovery Centres?

No. Recovery Centres have always been used by serving personnel and veterans, to access support. The impact and reach that we have seen from moving to community face-to-face and digital services to empower more veterans around the UK to live secure and healthy lives with purpose, has driven our decision to no longer deliver services for veterans out of Recovery Centres.

We have reached an agreement where all four Help for Heroes recovery centres, including Tedworth House, will be operated and funded by the MOD for the next 12 months. They will be used to deliver core recovery activities to wounded, injured and sick Service Personnel. 

Please accept our apologies if we have not been able to answer your question. If you would like to speak to us, please do not hesitate to give us a call on 0300 303 9888. We would love to hear from you and are always happy to answer any questions you have.