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Our Campaigns

We never stop fighting for those who fought for us. So no one affected by military service is left behind.

Every day, men and women have to leave their career in the Armed Forces as a result of physical or psychological wounds; their lives changed forever. Thirteen years ago, we made a promise to be here for our wounded veterans and their families, for life.

Our campaigns champion the wounded, injured and sick UK Armed Forces community and their loved ones, helping them to rebuild their lives after injury or illness.



Some veterans are living with injuries so severe that they are dependent on round-the-clock care. These men and women live with catastrophic injuries and the severity of their injuries means they can face huge challenges and high levels of social isolation. Many were told they would never walk, talk or live independently again. Every journey is different, but with the right support, they can defy the odds.






40,000 STRONG

In the last 20 years, the lives of almost 40,000 men and women have been derailed by injury.. Every day this number grows. We believe every wounded veteran is entitled to receive the help they need which is why we are fighting to fix the gaps in support for our wounded veterans and their families






In 2018, we were able to help 4,194 wounded, injured and sick individuals. But there are still thousands out there who need us. Together we can give them one less battle to fight and promise to be there for them, now and in the future.






In 2019 we commissioned a study to look at how long it takes veterans to reach out for mental health support. The results suggest that on average it takes four years for an individual to come forward for the support they need. We believe that this is too long which is why we want to cut the clock and end mental health stigma.







We are here for wounds both visible and hidden and are driven by the belief that those who put their lives on the line for us, deserve a second chance at life for them and their families. Together, we can empower our most disciplined, determined and best to regain their purpose. Together, we can spread the message and help those who haven’t come forward yet. Together, we can inspire the nation to keep supporting our wounded, injured and sick Veterans and their families, and make a real difference.






At the heart of everything we do are the bonds between a Help for Heroes beneficiary and a supporter. Together, supporters, fundraisers, volunteers and members of staff work towards a common goal to ensure injured veterans and their families get the specialist support they need.In this series of Facing It Together videos, Help for Heroes beneficiaries are captured in conversation with supporters. They are real people, in real conversations, not scripted or rehearsed, just excited to meet each other and hear one another's story. 






757, 805 people served as Regulars in the British Armed Forces between 1991 and 2014. We now know that at least 66,090 of these need our support either now or will in the future. We believe it is essential that these brave men and women know how to get support. Alongside the Government, Great British businesses and other charities we are committed to working together to rebuild lives. This series of images, taken by Roger Keller, tells our Heroes’ stories through their tattoos.  Each image also represents the many thousands more who will need our help, either now or in the future.